Ishq Mein Marjawan 2: Vansh suspects Riddhima, Kabir in tension

Colors TV’s fresh serial Ishq Mein Marjawan 2 (IMMJ 2) is up for the high voltage drama in the upcoming story when Vansh suspects Riddhima.

So far we have seen that Riddhima slapped Aryan because of his non-sense blames and everybody was shocked.

Later Riddhima was in Vansh’s study room to find some proofs regarding Vansh’s connection with the underworld.

But in the meantime, Vansh makes the entry in the mansion to get back his laptop.

Riddhima managed to handle Vansh cleverly but in between all this, she has thrown away the transmitter (makeup box).

Kabir is tensed for Riddhima, Vansh finds the transmitter

The transmitter was the only device for Kabir to get connected to Riddhima but unfortunately, this device is lost.

Riddhima tries to find the transmitter and once again Vansh catches her. This time Vansh is very much sure that she was searching something.

Therefore, he orders his man to find out what Riddhima was searching for in the garden area.

Now it would be very interesting to see whether Vansh will learn the truth of that makeup box or not.

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