Indian Idol 2019 Elimination Today | Season 11 Eviction

India’s most popular singing reality show, Indian Idol 11 got a great start with the top 16 contestants.

The audience and judges are impressed by their spellbinding performances.

On Sunday 23 February 2020, we saw our Top 5 contestants competed in the Grand Finale to become the winner of Indian Idol 11.

On Saturday 15 Feb 2020, we saw contestants enjoyed in the #NehAditya Shaadi special episode.

On Sunday 16 February 2020, we saw contestants sang on India Ki Farmayish with guest Gita Kapoor and Terence Lewis who came to promote their upcoming show India’s Best Dancer. Later we also saw elimination.

On Saturday 8 Feb 2020, we saw contestants san in front of gorgeous veteran actress Zeenat Aman in the #ZeenatJiSpecial episode.

Whereas on Sunday 9 Feb 2020, contestants got a chance to sang in front of Dharmendra in the #DharamJiSpecial episode.

But as we know this week contestants will have to face a very disheartening situation of eliminations.

During an elimination episode, one contestant who gets the less score and votes gets eliminated from the race of Indian Idol 11.

Indian Idol 2019 Elimination List

On Sunday 23rd February 2020, Sunny Hindustani was declared as a winner of the Indian Idol 11.

1st runner up: Rohit Raut

2nd runner up: Ankona Mukherjee

3rd runner up: Ridham Kalyan

4th runner up: Adriz Ghosh

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Sr No.Contestant NameLocationStatus
1Ridham KalyanAmritsar3rd runner up
2Subhadeep DasKolkataEliminated
3Jannabi DasDelhiEliminated
4Stutee TiwariDelhiEliminated
(Wild card)
5Pallav SinghBaliyaEliminated
7Azmat HussainJaipurEliminated
8Shahzaan MujeebAligarhEliminated
9Rohit RautMaharashtra1st runner Up
10Kaivalya KejkarNagpurEliminated
11Nidhi KumariJamshedpurEliminated
12Chelsi BehuraOdishaEliminated
13Adriz GhoshKolkata4th runner up
14Chetna BhardawajDelhiEliminated
15Rishabh ChaturvediAmritsarEliminated
16Ankona MukherjeeWest Bengal2nd runner up
(Wild card)

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89 Replies to “Indian Idol 2019 Elimination Today | Season 11 Eviction”

  1. Indian idol 11 is based on judge scores this is a unfair what is the use of voting
    According to me azmath hussain should be in top 3
    Rohit should be elimination in place of azmath

  2. Thanks SONYTV, INDIAN IDOL11, ANUJI HIMESHJI VISHALJINEHAIJI, TO TRAIN SUNNY HINDUSTANI in a short time. Sunny Hindustani deserves to be winner of Indian Idol 11.

    • Did anyone noticed that the elimination is being done only by the judges decisions. Because the bottom two is decided by the judges, where as the voting status is already known to them. and who will be eliminated, so it it predetermined. That’s why the lowest voted singer may not be in the bottom two.

  3. I most liked Shahzan Muzebi. Now from the remaining singers after Sunny, all are good except Rohit Raut. Rohit Rout should improve his voice quality.

    • Shahzan mujeeb was so good he sings a way better them All specially Adriz and Rohit should one of them get eliminated I feel so bad for him the judges are so unfair specially that baldy Vishal Sony should replace him he is very manipulative guy

    • suraj, I agree completely.
      So sad to see Shahzan eliminated. Rohit should have been eliminated.
      Maybe Indian Idol judges / SONY wants Rohit to win.
      That would be tragic.

  4. I am still nursing a bad feeling on the elimination of Shubadeep, an extremely talented singer. He should have been given a wild card entry. At least Vishal may agree to my view point.


    • @GK Bhattacharya; Ask subhodeep to try again. Although subhodeep is well classical trained singer yet he should be more perfect in sur, feel and bollywood songs. Sunny Hindustani had enough practice of bollywood songs in school but audience thought it is not easy for him. I know it sunny can sing any song. At present, only Sunny Hindustani deserves to be winner of Indian Idol 11. Subhodeep will sing in grand finale, so, he should sing the same song which he sang with another classical singer in 3rd week. SonyTv,Indian Idol 11, Himeshji, nehaji, anuji, vishalji are all did efforts for all singers equally like a family member but sunny caught the instructions seriously with extra riyaz, consequently, now sunny hindustani is legendary playback singer.

  5. To all the HATERS who want to bring Sunny Hindustani down I have been watching this show in Canada from day one and Sunny deserves to win this competition and this one is for the haters ONE DAY YOUR LIFE WILL FLASH BEFORE YOUR EYES MAKE SURE IT IS WORTH WATCHING.

      • If Rohit wins, it will be most corrupt competition.
        A lot of people will stop watching Indian Idol in future.
        Very SAD.
        Anyone BUT ROHIT.

        • Ridham Kalyan should’ve won. He hypes the crowd up all the time, and sings as versatile as anything. I was sad to hear that he came 4th, because he was way better than Rohit, and more versatile than Sunny, Adriz, and Ankona combined.

  6. I have nothing against Ankona but fail to understand how she has entered Indian idol 11 as a wild card entry. She wasn’t even a participant in this show. Something fishy. Adriz in spite of being such a good singer is always sidelined. Sunny is not as versatile as Ridham, Shahzad or Rohit.

  7. @Som So there is a script behind all that. I think next in line of elimination will be Rohit or Ridham.
    Left right and center mausam badal rahe for every one except Rohit and Ridham.
    But Rohit anyway has a movie by HHH only I feel bad for Rishabh and Ridham both got nothing yet. Anyway Rishahb is born with silver spoon but he still wanted to make a name for himself so it doesn’t matter to him.

  8. @Som :That I agree that Sunny is already Indian idol and rightly deserves to be but Other eliminations are manipulative .Like Before Azmat Hussain got eliminated several others deserved not to be eliminated .Similarly here

    • @DJ: I agree with you. We can talk about it on you tube chatting or facebook chatting. Sometimes, of course, it is manipulation but sometimes it become necessary according to script. As far as I contemplate on elimination topic, script is written after two weeks of auditions, for example audition finished on 26 October, so, script could be scribble in first week of November after keeping in view the possibility. There are rare chances to change script. SONY TV AND JUDGES are actually helping every singer, sooner or later. I respect SONY TV.

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