Indian Idol 2019 Elimination Today | Season 11 Eviction

India’s most popular singing reality show, Indian Idol 11 got a great start with the top 16 contestants.

The audience and judges are impressed by their spellbinding performances.

On Sunday 23 February 2020, we saw our Top 5 contestants competed in the Grand Finale to become the winner of Indian Idol 11.

On Saturday 15 Feb 2020, we saw contestants enjoyed in the #NehAditya Shaadi special episode.

On Sunday 16 February 2020, we saw contestants sang on India Ki Farmayish with guest Gita Kapoor and Terence Lewis who came to promote their upcoming show India’s Best Dancer. Later we also saw elimination.

On Saturday 8 Feb 2020, we saw contestants san in front of gorgeous veteran actress Zeenat Aman in the #ZeenatJiSpecial episode.

Whereas on Sunday 9 Feb 2020, contestants got a chance to sang in front of Dharmendra in the #DharamJiSpecial episode.

But as we know this week contestants will have to face a very disheartening situation of eliminations.

During an elimination episode, one contestant who gets the less score and votes gets eliminated from the race of Indian Idol 11.

Indian Idol 2019 Elimination List

On Sunday 23rd February 2020, Sunny Hindustani was declared as a winner of the Indian Idol 11.

1st runner up: Rohit Raut

2nd runner up: Ankona Mukherjee

3rd runner up: Ridham Kalyan

4th runner up: Adriz Ghosh

Sr No.Contestant NameLocationStatus
1Ridham KalyanAmritsar3rd runner up
2Subhadeep DasKolkataEliminated
3Jannabi DasDelhiEliminated
4Stutee TiwariDelhiEliminated
(Wild card)
5Pallav SinghBaliyaEliminated
7Azmat HussainJaipurEliminated
8Shahzaan MujeebAligarhEliminated
9Rohit RautMaharashtra1st runner Up
10Kaivalya KejkarNagpurEliminated
11Nidhi KumariJamshedpurEliminated
12Chelsi BehuraOdishaEliminated
13Adriz GhoshKolkata4th runner up
14Chetna BhardawajDelhiEliminated
15Rishabh ChaturvediAmritsarEliminated
16Ankona MukherjeeWest Bengal2nd runner up
(Wild card)

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89 Replies to “Indian Idol 2019 Elimination Today | Season 11 Eviction”

  1. Indian idol 11 is based on judge scores this is a unfair what is the use of voting
    According to me azmath hussain should be in top 3
    Rohit should be elimination in place of azmath

  2. Thanks SONYTV, INDIAN IDOL11, ANUJI HIMESHJI VISHALJINEHAIJI, TO TRAIN SUNNY HINDUSTANI in a short time. Sunny Hindustani deserves to be winner of Indian Idol 11.

    • Did anyone noticed that the elimination is being done only by the judges decisions. Because the bottom two is decided by the judges, where as the voting status is already known to them. and who will be eliminated, so it it predetermined. That’s why the lowest voted singer may not be in the bottom two.

  3. I most liked Shahzan Muzebi. Now from the remaining singers after Sunny, all are good except Rohit Raut. Rohit Rout should improve his voice quality.

    • Shahzan mujeeb was so good he sings a way better them All specially Adriz and Rohit should one of them get eliminated I feel so bad for him the judges are so unfair specially that baldy Vishal Sony should replace him he is very manipulative guy

    • suraj, I agree completely.
      So sad to see Shahzan eliminated. Rohit should have been eliminated.
      Maybe Indian Idol judges / SONY wants Rohit to win.
      That would be tragic.

  4. I am still nursing a bad feeling on the elimination of Shubadeep, an extremely talented singer. He should have been given a wild card entry. At least Vishal may agree to my view point.


    • @GK Bhattacharya; Ask subhodeep to try again. Although subhodeep is well classical trained singer yet he should be more perfect in sur, feel and bollywood songs. Sunny Hindustani had enough practice of bollywood songs in school but audience thought it is not easy for him. I know it sunny can sing any song. At present, only Sunny Hindustani deserves to be winner of Indian Idol 11. Subhodeep will sing in grand finale, so, he should sing the same song which he sang with another classical singer in 3rd week. SonyTv,Indian Idol 11, Himeshji, nehaji, anuji, vishalji are all did efforts for all singers equally like a family member but sunny caught the instructions seriously with extra riyaz, consequently, now sunny hindustani is legendary playback singer.

  5. To all the HATERS who want to bring Sunny Hindustani down I have been watching this show in Canada from day one and Sunny deserves to win this competition and this one is for the haters ONE DAY YOUR LIFE WILL FLASH BEFORE YOUR EYES MAKE SURE IT IS WORTH WATCHING.

      • If Rohit wins, it will be most corrupt competition.
        A lot of people will stop watching Indian Idol in future.
        Very SAD.
        Anyone BUT ROHIT.

        • Ridham Kalyan should’ve won. He hypes the crowd up all the time, and sings as versatile as anything. I was sad to hear that he came 4th, because he was way better than Rohit, and more versatile than Sunny, Adriz, and Ankona combined.

  6. I have nothing against Ankona but fail to understand how she has entered Indian idol 11 as a wild card entry. She wasn’t even a participant in this show. Something fishy. Adriz in spite of being such a good singer is always sidelined. Sunny is not as versatile as Ridham, Shahzad or Rohit.

  7. @Som So there is a script behind all that. I think next in line of elimination will be Rohit or Ridham.
    Left right and center mausam badal rahe for every one except Rohit and Ridham.
    But Rohit anyway has a movie by HHH only I feel bad for Rishabh and Ridham both got nothing yet. Anyway Rishahb is born with silver spoon but he still wanted to make a name for himself so it doesn’t matter to him.

  8. @Som :That I agree that Sunny is already Indian idol and rightly deserves to be but Other eliminations are manipulative .Like Before Azmat Hussain got eliminated several others deserved not to be eliminated .Similarly here

    • @DJ: I agree with you. We can talk about it on you tube chatting or facebook chatting. Sometimes, of course, it is manipulation but sometimes it become necessary according to script. As far as I contemplate on elimination topic, script is written after two weeks of auditions, for example audition finished on 26 October, so, script could be scribble in first week of November after keeping in view the possibility. There are rare chances to change script. SONY TV AND JUDGES are actually helping every singer, sooner or later. I respect SONY TV.

  9. Today Ridham Kalyan was not better than before. Rohit raut could not justify the song. Ankona is very good. Shahzan and adriz are good. Sunny Hindustani is the amazing divine singer and must be winner of Indian Idol 11.

  10. @Dhiren: I appreciate decision of SONY TV about manipulation. I say lot of thanks to SONY TV AND JUDGES who trained Sunny Hindustani and made professional singer. Sunny is being liked by whole world and must be winner of Indian Idol 11.

  11. Hi, brother Jamil from SA.
    I am from Kenya, and have watched ALL the episodes so far.
    People in India probably don’t realize that there are thousands of people in Africa, and elsewhere in the world watching Indian Idol.
    Last year I was supporting Salman & Nitin. They did well.
    I fully agree with your top 3 picks.
    Matata ( Mukesh ) from the beach in Mombasa.

  12. After watching all the episodes so far,
    my top 3 are Sunny, Ridham & Shahzaan.
    Best of luck guys.
    Watching from South Africa.

  13. Eliminating Rishab has shown that the serial is very manipulative and not eliminating according to the voting given and judges are also un fair in giving Rishabh the lowest marks just so that they could eliminate him out.
    Smacks of manipulation to me. I felt Adriz deserved to be eliminated. He is not a versatile singer and not entertaining either. I almost have a distaste in my mouth for the Indian Idol 11 after elimination round of today. Very manipulative and un-fair.

    • I agree with you Rishabh Chaturvedi is one of the best rockstar versatile singer in India and better than Rohit Shyam Raut.
      It is a request to Rohit Shyam Raut to sing soft melody song. I suggest lata ji song tu kitni achhi hai.

    • I Support Anokana Sunny Rohit Adriz Only so Voting all of Three Person Anokna Sunny Rohit Adriz Only That Much So Please give the Price for Three Person Anokna Sunny Rohit Adriz And don’t waste The Time okay

  14. I have been watching indian idol 11 from the day 1 till now ..sunny is the reason why I got hooked to this show and I wonder how come he is the one alws chosen for bottom 2 least votes ..kinda sounds fishy n funny

  15. I like songs of Rishabh, ridham, adriz, ankona, shahzan who are all better than Rohit Raut. Rohit Raut is weakest in Indian Idol 11. He sang one kind of songs abinitio. Voice of Rohit is not good IMO. I feel lack of sur/feel/melody in songs of Rohit Raut. Judges should give him soft songs low range for example Lata ji song. So far, it can be said that Rohit is not versatile singer at all.

  16. @suresh: Whole audience liked songs of Nusrat ji from Sunny. Sunny has proved his versatility. Voice of Sunny has been appreciated by many music director. Six MDs have selected his voice for their song. So, now sunny should sing only and only Songs of Nusrat ji. Because now there is not time left for singing other songs. We want to enjoy his sufi or his style of songs (high pitch). Sony Tv has discovered this singer and audience has enjoyed really a lot. Thank you SONY TV AND ALL JUDGES. PLEASE LET SUNNY SING ALL HIS KINDS OF SONGS SUCH AS “YE HALKA HALKA SUROOR HAI”.

  17. He said that Sunny Hindustani could sing a song of Nusrat Ji only. I posted a list of all different singers. Self-conceit of misanthropists created more detestation in him. Now he said that sunny could sing only high pitch songs. I posted a list of melody songs( low pitch soft love sad). Sunny was in bottom 2, did not get sometimes standing ovation or Mausam Badal Gaya. So, he is not hyped. Sunny intoned many melody songs (soft low pitch) (the list is attached above).

  18. Heart and mind of haters are like burning about success of sunny. Only Sunny in this season, can sing all types of songs, no other singer can sing like sunny:
    Melody songs (soft, love, sad) low pitch :: are::::: ik mera yaaraa ik meri yaari ye hee ardas hai meri, tu kitni achhi hai, sanu ik pal chain naa ave, kinna sohna tanu rab ney banaya, jane jigar jane man, mere naina sawan bhadon, rom rom song, jugnu song, :
    If sunny sings only melody low pitch song, then, above hater, would say that sunny should sing high pitch song. He want to eat sunny by all means. Hater does not want to find any good thing in sunny like me but definitely he had to find something which is acceptable to whole world but not to him. For high pitch song, sunny got more than one crore votes. For low pitch he got less votes. For the last many weeks, sunny sang all bollywood songs.

  19. Suresh says: January 26, 2020 at 5:37 pm Sunny sings only one tune only high pitch thats all. i think his voice is simelar like pathe ali khan not at all any other singers. He can sin only that kind of song. I think he cant sing melody songs. Only the Judges making hype about him.

    Reply: Lata ji song, kumar sanu song, kishore ji song, rom rom song, jugnu song, pyare lal ji episode one song:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::Are not high pitch song at all. Should he sing all low pitch song. You should ask other singers to come out of their comfort zone. No body sing different song so far.

  20. Sunny sings only one tune only high pitch thats all. i think his voice is simelar like pathe ali khan not at all any other singers. He can sin only that kind of song. I think he cant sing melody songs. Only the Judges making hype about him.

    • I totally agree with Suresh. Sunny sings only high pitch songs. I am rooting for Rohit Raut. He is complete singer and knows music very well. He will be a winner and bollywood will welcome him.

  21. @Feroz Sheikh and @ Haroon Jadhakhan: I was fan of azmat in 2011. You both are muslim and wants to support azmat (already eliminated). All hindus supported him. Now you are creating differences . You both are abusing Judges. Indian Idol show is not for muslims only. Otherwise, how could azmat win. Now, again you are supporting muslim shahzan whereas I am supporting shahzan too. Read my comments above. Be human . Speak truth. In your religion, is singing allowed? If not, then, why are you creating differences for an anti social element Azmat who declared in audition that he is not fit to continue in Indian Idol and he likes his old world (drugs world). Judges wanted to help him and kept in Indian idol for improvement otherwise he did not perform well in audition.

  22. Sunny has sung songs of many singers: lata ji, asha ji, kishore ji, kumar ji, sonu ji, alka ji, sukhwinder ji, shankar ji, rom rom song (sunny), jugnu song (sunny), mera rang de basanti chola, b.praak ji, rahat ji, nusrat ji, : Musice Directors have selected sunny for playback singing: Bappi da, kbm, himesh ji, Jassi ji

  23. Sunny Hindustani: sang songs of following singers: (consequently, sunny is most versatile singer)
    1.Lata ji,
    2. asha ji,
    3.kumar ji,
    4.kishore ji,
    5.sonu ji,
    6.shankar mahadevan ji,
    7.sukhwainder ji,
    8.mera ran de basanti,
    9.rahat ji,
    10. nusrat ji, )
    11. arijit ji
    pending songs to be recoreded by sunny as playback:
    12.bappi daa,
    13.B.praak&parineeti ji
    14. kumar brothers,
    15.himesh ji,
    16. jassi ji.
    Sunny hindustani is playback singer for two songs 17.Rom Rom(the body)
    18.Jugnu song (panga movie,

  24. @Haroon M Jadhakhan : You should watch childhood videos of Sunny Hindustani to satisfy yourself that sunny can sing all those type of songs which you mentioned about azmat ( Azmat is a sick person due to drugs habit).

  25. Reply to Haroon Jadhakhan: You are giving completely false statement repeatedly. Sunny Hindustani is only and only singer who sang different kind of songs. I already replied your comments but you are ignoring . Sunny sang songs of Sonu ji, kumar sanu ji, lata ji, asha ji, alka ji, sukhwinder ji, rahat ji, shankar mahadevan ji, kishore ji, nusrat ji , rom rom song, kinna sohna , sanu ek pan chain naa aye , : Mr. haroon, please read and comment again, are these singers are Nusrat ji. You should not be biased. Azmat was in bad society of drugists. Drugs damaged his throat. No trick was used against azmat. His votes and scores were less than all others.

    Haroon Jadhakhan says: January 6, 2020 at 3:14 am
    But Sunny can sing only one type of song, that of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. Therefore, it is logical to invite numerous singers who imitate Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and have tremendous competition. Then you can change the name to the following :
    ” Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Indian Idol. ” This would be most appropriate.

  26. In this competition (Indian Idol 11), Rohit Shyam Raut has never sung other type of songs. Rohit should come out of his comfort zone or judges should eliminate on this coming Sunday 26th January or nearest elimination day. Voice.feel.soul. sur. range of rohit are irritated . His expressions are terrible. I could not connect myself with the songs of Rohit so far. Rohit is monotonous. Judges have given extra appreciation for the reasons best known to them.

  27. So far judges have made a good decision except that they should have given Subhadeep Das a second chance through wild card entry instead of Shruti. It would have been a tough competition then. Shruti is an average singer and that’s why she was out after 1st round of her wild card entry.

    According to me, Ridham,Shahzaan, and Sunny are versatile and melodious singers. Their voice touch your heart and soul. Ankona is alos very good. She reminds me of Shreya Goshal.

  28. See, I feel that Neha kakkar was feeling unsecured with jahanabi as she was getting contracts by being on the show. Neha’s insecurity was clearly visible in last few episodes. Jahanabi is dominated because of that insecurity otherwise she was the best. But I know she will shine as she is the best

  29. But Sunny can sing only one type of song, that of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. Therefore, it is logical to invite numerous singers who imitate Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and have tremendous competition. Then you can change the name to the following :
    ” Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Indian Idol. ” This would be most appropriate. You should not, l repeat not invite Azmat Hussain. He will spoil your show. Why? Because, Azmat Hussain can sing Qawal, Bhajan, ghazal, pop. He can sing whatever you throw at him with passion, professionalism, skill , expertise and feeling which touch the heart. Besides, Azmat Hussain is a champion who won the Saragamapa in 2011, beating Salman Ali, the winner of lndian idol. Icons such as Pyarelall, Baba Ramdev, Kailash Kher, Pandit Jatin, Alka, Adnan Samy, Salman Khan, Shahrukh Khan have lavished praise on Azmat Hussain. But some of the judges of the dirty trick department decided that Azmat Hussain should be relegated to the rubbish heap. Of course they are right. Because all the abovementioned icons of Indian music and songs are wrong, because they have misjudged Azmat. The dirty trick department which kicked Azmat out of the are the true and real experts. That is why they can play the role of judge, jury and
    Haroon M Jadhakhan
    Hyde Park
    Speakers Corner

    • NFAK is no ordinary singer and it took him decades to come to this level, we should appreciate that Sunny from boot polish to NFAK’ at this age, he is a genius.

    • Haroon M Jadhakhan
      Hyde Park
      Speakers Corner
      You are giving completely false statement repeatedly. Sunny Hindustani is only and only singer who sang different kind of songs. I already replied your comments but you are ignoring . Sunny sang songs of Sonu ji, kumar sanu ji, lata ji, asha ji, alka ji, sukhwinder ji, rahat ji, shankar mahadevan ji, kishore ji, nusrat ji , rom rom song, kinna sohna , sanu ek pan chain naa aye , : Mr. haroon, please read and comment again, are these singers are Nusrat ji. You should not be biased. Azmat was in bad society of drugists. Drugs damaged his throat. No trick was used against azmat. His votes and scores were less than all others.


  31. I must appreciate SONY TV for giving us memorable marvelous singer SUNNY HINDUSTANI who sings like a professional singer and whose songs are famous all over the world. Not only SONY TV but also Judges Anu malik Ji, Neha Kakkar ji, Vishal Dadlani Ji, himesh Reshammiya ji and all guest Judges have appreciated singing of SUNNY HINDUSTANI. Almost all the performances of Sunny have brought emotional moments and goosebumps for Judges and audience both. Sunny is most versatile singer and proved his versatility by singing songs of different singers including female singer legend Lata Ji. Sunny has recorded one song for bollywood movie “The Body”, Rom Rom Song. Sunny has signed more playback songs which will be recorded in a very near future.
    According to my contemplation, the most deserving contestant in Indian Idol is Sunny Hindustani to win Indian Idol 11.

  32. The Indian Idol 11 is the best show and better than all previous seasons including indian idol 10. There is no comparison with Indian idol 11 (2020). In duet song, sunny hindustani has proved his clear range, perfect sur, great range, melodious voice, perfect sargam and low pitch. Sunny has amazing talent to come from high pitch to low pitch suddenly without any difficulty and vice versa. Sunny can sing any song and he sang Lata ji song (tu kitni achhi hai), Kishore kumar ji (mere naina sawan bhado), Jaane Jigar Jane Man ( kumar sanu ji song), apney toh apney hain (dharmendra ji movie), Rom Rom Song ( sunny is playback singer), She has signed for more play back songs, sunny song light song kinna sohna tanu rab ney banaya , kachchey dhaage movie song, batti gul meter chalu movie song, and all songs sung by sunny are bollywood songs. NFAK ji is respectful legend whose songs are included in bollywood movie. The bashers are biased who want to ignore NFAK ji but they do not have voice to request bollywood for not adding songs of NFAK ji, I like NFAK ji songs very much. Sunny is singing like a professional singer. Sunny is most versatile singer and deserves to become winner of Indian Idol 11 (2020). Sunny is in the show because of his talent and not because of his poverty. Although poverty should not be considered but Sony Tv is great who not only considers talent of eligible deserving contestant but also considers condition of contestant and always has done wonderful charity job. In case of Sunny Hindustani, only talent is speaking and sunny is famous all over the world. Sunny has joined Bollywood already as a playback singer and more than 100% deserves to be winner of Indian Idol 11 (2020). Ustad NFAK ji was called to complete bollywood songs. Bashers should ask producers and directors why they allowed NFAK ji songs. I like NFAK ji songs very much. My request for all songs was completed by SONY TV AND JUDGES.

    Sunny never shout by himself, judges on Indian Idol stage, cleared that they wanted to try high range of sunny which they might use in one bollywood song .

    sunny hindustani already sang ROM ROM Song and will sing 4 more songs in a very near future. According to my contemplation,

    Sunny, Jannabi and rishabh should be top 3 on the basis of their performances. Jannabi has proved her versatility too. Rishabh is entertainer.Sunny must be winner.

    Sunny sang Tu kitni Achhi ( Lata ji), mere naina sawan (Kishore ji), apney toh apney (dharmendra ji movie), jane jigar jane man(kumar sanu ji), tere bin nahi lagda dil (simba movie), kachchey Dhaagey movie song, der naa ho jaye (alka ji), Light songs(kinna sohna, and some more). Unsuccessful basers do not have any other work except giving false statments.

    • I completely and fully agree with you. Some people don’t recognise real and natural talent and are just criticising the show for no reason. The judges have completely different parameters for judging the contestants like all of the things about pitch and all that you mentioned. Some people just have shallow opinions and try to criticise people.

      And anyway even public votes count in the decision and the entire country is shaken by sunny’s singing and talent. He fully deserves all of the attention he is receiving.

      Even according to me Sunny, Jannabi and Rishabh should be in the top three. Because Jannabi’s style is totally unique and especially I love her singing of “Mera Naam Chin Chin Chu”. So I felt very bad after her elimination. and yes Rishabh is a natural entertainer and grasps the attention of the audience. And of course Sunny is just beyond compare, he is a legend and in the future will rise to a lot of fame.

      I think now that Jannabi has been eliminated, the top three might be Sunny, Rishabh and Riddham…I would have said Rohit but he gets less votes and Riddham has more energy and an ‘entertainer’ quality which is important in such shows.

      • @Snehal: I completely agree with you. I want to add that according to situation recently Shahzan rocked the stage. Now he also deserves to be in top 3 until he again does poor performance in coming weeks. Shahzan Muzeed is better than Rohit Shyam Raut.

  33. Sunny is a good singer no doubt but he is actually a sufi singer or can be called as a Qawwali singer becoz his voice is upto that level only…Jab woh sargam leta hai uske chehre ka rukh badal jaata hai jbki yehi chiz last season mei salman ali kiya karta tha toh bade normal tariqe se hota tha…sunny ko koi bhi guest aakar Nusrat sahab ka gaana hi gaane kehte hai…Iski financial condition kuch bhi ho par competition ko sirf talent singing, sargam, sur taal, har tarah ke alag aalap wale gaane, bhajan, qawwali, folk, sad song, romantic song, masti song, low pitch song, matlab har tarah ke gaane ko achche se nibhane wale ko asli singer kehte hai…Indian Idol 11 mei Vishal, Himesh, Neha iss bar kuch zyada hi Sunny ko hype kar rahe hai aur uss chakkar mei behtareen singers ko eliminate bhi kar diya hai…for e.g. KK, Stutee Tiwary, Subodh das, Nidhi jabki Jannabi Das bhi ek hi andaz mei gana gaati hai – woh hai JAZZ ya phir ye kaho ki har gaane ka postmortem kar deti hai aur ye Vishal, Neha aur Himesh ko achcha lagta hai…Iss baar judges bhi sargam, sur taal aur apni ability kho chuke hai shayad…Neha koi singer apne qabiliyat par nahi bani hai…aap log gaur se sune woh puri naak se gaati hai aur sab 90s ke gaano ki taang todkar khud ka gaana batati hai aur issko aaj ki generation aur so-called 90s ke Vishal, Himesh singing samjhte hai…Afsos sabse zyada Himesh par hota hai qki woh aisa banda nahi tha…Dusre channels par maine uske singing competition ke programs dekhe hai, usmei woh bilkul secular aur professionally verdicts deta tha, par iss bar se lagta hai Indian Idol sirf timepaas bandkar reh jayega aur future mei iso koi bhi interest se nahi dekhega…Jai Hind

    • @Feroz Shaikh : I agree with your comments partially whereas most of the comments are biased. Please read my reply which is 100% correct and songs of sunny can prove that he not only sang NFAK ji songs but also he sang almost all the songs from bollywood hindi movie songs of different singers. Azmat was really a very good singer but his voice was not perfect which needs rehabilitation.

    • @Feroz Sheikh: Madam Neha Kakkar ji is greatest singer at this time who has place in top 10. You are not judge who would decide now playback singers. You are insulting judges and indian idol. Neha madam is not only singer but also a great king human being too who is helping on regular basis needy persons.
      You are insulting Himesh Ji. Himesh ji is very hard worker, he may be tired sometimes, he has to do many jobs e.g. actor, singer, director, composer. It is hard for every body. Himesh ji is also most respectful and nice person.
      Vishal ji is working hard with dignity and honesty his judge job who is giving full professional training with the help of mentors to all contestants including sunny hindustani. Songs of sunny are famous all over the world. Vishal ji did not go door to door to say that listen songs of sunny. automatically, world like songs of sunny.

      • Sunny Hindustani is one of the best versatile singer in Indian Idol 11 and deserves to be Indian Idol 11 winner. Singing of Sunny brings tears in eyes of millions of audience. Singing of Sunny saved life of Roshan Ali ji (famous dholkia).
        Shahazan is better than Rohit Shyam Raut and four more singers.

  34. Ridham Kalyan is the best he can sing any Song n he is very close to suno nigam a very talented young man best of luck Ridham I’m ur fans

    • Ridham is technically almost perfect with minor mistakes which may be acceptable according to other contestant’s mistakes but there is no feel in the songs of Ridham. It is my opinion only. I do not like his songs.

  35. Sunny having ability to be an indian singer, Now this is the time to sing a song only of indin singers like Sonu nigamji, Mohamd rafi, kishor da, Balasubramanium etc. And prove u r the best

    • @Rathod Ritesh: Sunny already sang beautifully amazingly your desired singer songs and judges proved his versatility i.e. apney toh apney hotey hain (Sonu Nigam ji) , mere naina sawan bhadon (Kishore Kumar Ji), and he sang more songs i.e. tu kitni achhi hai (Lata Ji), sukhvinder ji song, rahat feteh ali khan ji song, NFAK ji song, alka yagnik ji song, kumar sanu ji song. He sang different songs in different episodes. These all singers are not versatile. They sing in their own zones (genre). Sunny is playback singer in MOVIE THE BODY (ROM ROM SONG). Sunny has signed as playback singer for many more singers.

      • I agree sunny Hindustani is the absolute best singer of all . Not only has he got immense talent and gifted , but a very modest , down to earth human being . If he doesn’t win I will be devastated and lose interest in Indian Idol . Sunny is not a drama king like the other boys who seem to have been given the lift and are crossing boundaries that make them less appealing !

  36. The best singer so far is Azmat Hussain. Why? Because he can sing all sorts of songs. Not only Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan’s. India produced an icon called Mohamed Rafi who could sing Bhajan, pop songs, comical songs, sad songs, ghazal, sufi songs. Why because he was a singer. A singer in the true and real sense of the word. Equally, Azmat can sing any songs from an early age of ten. If someone took the trouble to watch him on Saragamapa, he tackled any song with inborn professionalism and skill in front of Pyarelall and Pandit Jatin. He also beat Salman Ali, Niladri, Nitin Kumar, all beautiful singers. Imagine Azmat Hussain even beat SALMAN ALI the winner of Indian Idol 2018. This young man is talented. He is the pride of India. Relegating him to the gutter is a disservice to the world of music and songs . We hope he goes from strength to strength.
    Best Wishes. Haroon M Jadhakhan, Speakers Corner, Hyde Park, London

    • @Haroon M Jadhakhan
      I agree with you that azmat had hidden talent which he lost in taking drugs. Music is mortification. Bad habits can damage not only image but also talent. He was excellent in saregamapa partially according to which he must not be winner. Suddenly azmat could do such a magic which is not feasible, so, he was god gifted. But at some places in song, azmat was nice and other places not. Judges over-rated him. It was his cuteness being small height child but actually he was ten years old. He could sing like an old man and it was oversighted by judges. Child should have child voice. Now drugs damaged his throat and if he comes back after proper treatment and rehabilitation, he would do magic again.

  37. Unbelievable to see the elimination of so many beautiful singers.
    More over I’m surprised to see Azmat in the competition as he isn’t fine as a singer.
    Totally unjustified with real singers who has been forcefully eliminated.
    Vivek Deshpande

    • Sunny has done extra riyaz, you can say , sunny did practice in his bed too. Sunny is devotee. The talent of sunny hindustani is visible. Whole world likes performance ot sunny. Sunny’s videos are viral on social media (you tube, tweeter, facebook, and more. Sunny sings like professional singer perfectly. So, sunny is winner of indian idol 11. sunny ney ek tapsvi ki tarah mehnat ki hai.

  38. Sad to see these budding singers eliminated so early. I would suggest to give them a chance to sing few more weeks. In stead of public voting, it has to be judges call.

    • Hi there, can someone please tell me how come Ankhona Mukherjee has been chosen as a wild card entry when she just finished off on the other singing show – singing superstar where the judges were Alka yagnik, Himmesh and Javed bhai? She just took part in a children’s contest and now she’s on idols? Is this not unfair to other contestants who sent in the it applications for wild card entry?

      • Either it is eligibility or an approach by alka yagnik, Ankona is in Indian Idol 11 thru wild card whereas subhodeep deserves to enter in Indian Idol 11 (best classical singer and teacher). It is lucid that Approach of alka yagnik gave chance to Ankona which is unfair.

      • @gopal: on 16th February, 2020: Himeshji pointed out about performance of Rohit Raut that there were mistakes but because at some places you did good, so, Judges saved him. I respect Judges decision. In my opinion, Only Rohit was weakest on 16th February 2020. I guess, Judges have no choice but are forced to keep Rohit in Competition due to Mumbai Music Industry approach (Rohit did some playback singing there). It is injustice with other singers.

      • @gopal: continued from my previous comments: Unnecessary dance, over-acting, extreme screaming, irritated expressions, poor voice of Rohit Raut not only hid the mistakes but also hid the incomplete words and missing line in the song. It is not dance competition, but it is song competition. Keeping in view, the aforesaid discrepancies, Rohit Raut was/is/willbe weakest in the show and does not deserve to stay in Indian Idol 11. In spite of all these, I respect SonyTv, Indian Idol 11, Judges and their decision or compulsion because I am fan of all these.

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