Imlie: Mithi-Satyakam comes to Delhi, Imli gets kidnapped

Star Plus’s newly started serial Imlie is up for a new twist in the upcoming story when Imli gets kidnapped on Aditya’s engagement day while Satyakam and Mithi comes to Delhi.

So far we have seen that Aditya Tripathi gave ultimatum to Imli that he will send her back to Pagdandiya due to her silly mistakes.

Imli gets emotional hearing that she will have to leave Tripathi house after Aditya’s engagement.

On the other side, Imlie’s mother Mithi is worried for her daughter and requests Satyakaam.

Satyakam also agrees on it and decide that they will go to Delhi to find Imli. It looks like they will mark entry in Aditya’s engagement.

Imli is missing, Tripathi family worried

Later on the engagement day, everybody is very much enthusiastic to celebrate Aditya-Malini’s alliance.

But now we will see a new twist where someone kidnaps Imli with an intension to sell her.

On the other hand, Tripathi’s finds Imli is missing and starts searching her.

Now it would be really enthralling to see where is Imli and who will save her from the kidnappers.

Stay tuned with us for all the latest gossip and updates of Imli serial.

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