Imlie: Malini's ugly revenge game; Cheeni falls in trap

Imlie: Malini’s ugly revenge game; Cheeni falls in trap

Star Plus popular serial Imlie is gearing up for some intense drama and interesting twists in the upcoming story.

Aryan and Imlie are so close to eachother yet fails to meet but Cheeni tries hard unite them.

Meanwhile cheeni is humiliated by the villagers for not having a father and is treated as untouchable.

Cheeni cries but Aryan takes stand for her and gives befitting reply to everyone.

Meanwhile Imli feels guilty for not being able to give Cheeni the luxury every child wants due to lack of money.

Imli asks her editor to give her salary as she is facing financial problems bug he says if she talks to the businessmen from delhi and convince him then he will give her the salary.

While Malini is desperate to bring back Aryan and she thinks that cheeni is stopping him.

Thus Malini bribes a person from neighbouring village to Pagdandiya and asks to remove Cheeni from the way.

Aryan’s demand before Imli

Later Aryan searches for Cheeni anf bumps into Imli.

Both are surprised and shocked to see eachother. But Aryan tells imli the she needs to apologise this time bug Imli refuses.

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