Imlie: Malini's pregnancy plans successfully gets Aditya on her side

Imlie: Malini’s pregnancy plans successfully gets Aditya on her side

Star Plus popular serial Imlie is gearing up for some intense drama and interesting twists in the upcoming story.

After facing the protestors and their wrath finally Imli and Tripathi’s reach the court.

There Malini’s lawyer tags Aditya as fraud and disgusting for molesting Malini.

But then Kunal tells Aditya that Malini has stopped all the proceeding of their divorce. This shocks Aditya.

To divert the blame from Malini she announces that she is pregnant.

Malini’s emotional drama

Malini starts her emotional drama to gain sympathy.

She fakes her pregnancy and successfully gets Tripathis to her side. The Tripathis asks Aditya to stand by her pregnant wife.

The upcoming episodes of Imlie is going to be super interesting to watch.

Stay tuned for more updates.

4 Replies to “Imlie: Malini’s pregnancy plans successfully gets Aditya on her side”

  1. All the fault is of imle and hot of malini. Maline gets married to aditya in front of imli. Then why did she had objections.

  2. At any case imli will only win the war of the case imli deserves Aditya Malini and Anu deserves nothing and there will be a happy ending

    • Looks like u people didn’t watch the serial from the beginning. Imlie is aditya’s first wife. I know the marriage was illegal as it was on a gunpoint but now both want to take this relationship further. Drugging a person n molesting is right? Would u do this? As a women we dont have any right to force someone to love us.

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