Imlie: Malini traps Aditya in her words; Imli in trouble

Imlie: Malini traps Aditya in her words; Imli in trouble

Star Plus popular serial Imlie is gearing up for some intense drama and interesting twists in the upcoming story.

Malini points out at Imli and Satyakam that they shot her.

Satyakam also accepts that he fired the gun on Malini. But Imli defends him but Aditya asks her to stop.

Police arrests Satyakam and Imli is heartbroken as nobody trusts her.

Malini manipulates Aditya against Imlie.

Malini’s new trap

Later Malini tells Aditya that she pointed out at Imli and not Satyakam.

Aditya fumes in anger and leaves.

Will Aditya get into Malini’s trap?

Stay tuned for more updates.

5 Replies to “Imlie: Malini traps Aditya in her words; Imli in trouble”

  1. Stop watching the day adit fall out with malini and is with imli.malini was a good person from the begining ..why make her her villian.imli knows she has to step back n also aware of how their marriage was .inli shd pursue her studies and move on..serial could have been better. Now is the same plot manupulating and conspiracies

  2. I have stopped watching this crap, feeling very negative. Tried of watching Malini and Anu’s conspiracies. Aditya being journalist don’t even try to find out the truth. Imlee act’s victim, if she is so smart to fight with terrorist save Aditya why can’t she bring out Malini’s truth…. Total negativity it’s like truth always fails and negativity always wins

  3. Yes guys bad seems to get away these days. I’m getting fed up watching Imlie. Same stories day in day out; one after another; all conspiracies. Why can’t Aditya sees what Malini is doing and believes Imlie. Malini hasbeen proven ill doings and Imlie never lies. What kind of a journalist is he if he is so stupid. Journalists as far as I know they are sharp and clued up. But Aditya Kumar Tripathi????

  4. Imle has now become pathetic daily soap , where malini (negativity)wins everytime.
    Producer and Director should stop making such daily soaps

    • Totally agree. The msg that the serial is sending out is that evil will always win over good. Crazy unrealistic trash being telecast everyday.

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