Imlie: Malini in trouble; Cheeni-Imli to expose her

Imlie: Malini in trouble; Cheeni-Imli to expose her

Star Plus popular serial Imlie is gearing up for some intense drama and interesting twists in the upcoming story.

Malini panics when she learns that her mother Anu Chaturvedi is also in the same function where she fitted the bomb.

Thus Malini takes the disguise of a security guard and enters the event to save her mother.

While Imlie hears Malini saying there is a bomb but doesnt recognises Malini. Imli immediately searches for it when she finds the mic in Cheeni’s hand.

Aryan and Imli immediately runs towards cheeni snatches the mic and rus away to save everyone present ther.

Imli search for the truth

Later imli finds the earring of the security guard and hands it over to the police says that it’s if the criminal who fit the bomb.

While leaving Cheeni finds another earring on the ground which fell from Malini’s hand.

Thus Malini will soon be exposed by imli and Cheeni.

What more drama is waiting ahead? Will Aryan come to know about Cheeni’s real identity?

Stay tuned for more updates.

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