Imlie: Malini announces pregnancy; Imli stunned

Imlie: Malini announces pregnancy; Imli stunned

Star Plus popular serial Imlie is going to witness some real drama and interesting twists in the upcoming story.

Imli and Kunal was very confident that they will easy win the case after they get the video.

Meanwhile Malini and Anu are also sure that Imli will not win at any cost.

They are sure that the case will get dismiss on the hearing day.

But unfortunately Imli loses the case as someone deleted the video from the memory card.

Shock for Imlie

Now Malini announces her pregnant infront of everyone.

Aditya is in Malini’s side and everyone stands shocked there.

The upcoming episodes of Imlie is going to be super interesting to watch.

Sfay tuned for more updates.

7 Replies to “Imlie: Malini announces pregnancy; Imli stunned”

  1. Just because the show is titled Imlie, everything that Imlie does is supposed to be correct. And she has to solve every problem/kidnapping/ national security threat/family issues created in the story line. She just says now that I am married to you, I will never marry again, Aditya leaves his 7year old relationship behind and falls for her. She asks him to hide his feelings, flirts with him, Satyakaam tries to kill Aditya twice at least, but Malini is supposed to be the bad person.
    The story writers know it also. Anu had once said just because she is poor you all are feeling sorry for her. How is that not right? Why is Malini supposed to be the bad person when her boyfriend and then husband cheated on her with a teenager. Just because she is poor, everything is justified.
    Stopped watching this show which was interesting in the beginning but turned very bad later. It won’t last long like this.

  2. Malini should be the good one but come in between to bad … seven years in relation with Aditya and sudden he fall for imlie can he give Malini seven years back that’s to wrong and imlie say she and falls in love wat rubbish maker very stupid

  3. Plzzz try to change the story in some other way in not that way as going on …
    Bus the negative can not win make sure for it

  4. The worst story line, never expected this at initial stages that negativity will take over in this show so much that there is no end to it.
    There are certain other shows on star plus where negativity takes place , but it does not go over and over, here its not coming to an end only.

    Would not even give single star to this show, though lead character were my favourite buts its not the worth watching this show any more.

  5. Very disappointed the makers of the show why Aditya always closed his eyes yeh sach mein patrakar hain home mein chalne wala drama mein sach nahi dekh pa raha hain imli ki har koshish ko akir main bekar hi kardetha hain malini par itna trust video dekh kar bhi dekh nahi paya imli ko kitna sun na pada ghar walose iss bhar wo khud hi ghar chod na hi behatar hain Aditya does not deserve imli at all

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