Imlie: Keya’s dangerous plan; Imli saves Atharva’s life

Star Plus popular serial Imlie is gearing up for some intense drama and interesting twists in the upcoming story.

So far we have seen that Atharva meets a deadly accident where Imlie rushes to save him.

Atharva gets admitted in the hospital and his situation is also stable.

On the other hand, Keya creates a villainous plan to kill Atharva.

She enters in Atharva’s room and unplugs his support system.

Here Shivani forbids Imli from meeting Atharva and orders her to stay away from him.

Imlie becomes saviour

Later on, Imlie gets intuition and rushes towards Atharva’s room.

She gets shocked seeing Atharva is unconscious and struggling to survive.

Imli somehow manage to call the doctor and saves Atharva’s life.

On the other hand, evil Cheeni executes her plan and keeps instigating Atharva against Imlie.

It would be really interesting to see whether Atharva will take any serious step or not.

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