Imlie: Imli's last hope backs off, she loses the case

Imlie: Imli’s last hope backs off, she loses the case; Malini won

Star Plus popular serial Imlie is gearing up for some intense drama and interesting twists in the upcoming story.

Imli finally gets an evidence against Malini to withe case and prove that Aditya is innocent.

Imli shows it to Kunal and now they are confident enough to turn the case in their favour.

But when they show the camera to the court to see how Malini intoxicated Aditya and got intimate with him.

The person playing thd video says that the memory card is empty and there is no video.

Malini succeedd in her plan

Malini and Anu rejoice their victory. It is Anu who removed the video.

The courts gives decision in Malini’s favour. After crossing so many hurdles also Imli lost.

The upcoming episodes of Imlie is going to be super interesting to watch.

Stay tuned for more updates.

29 Replies to “Imlie: Imli’s last hope backs off, she loses the case; Malini won”

  1. Imlie is one of the serial that we saw before telecast in hotstar also… But now really serial going very disappointed way is this the way to give a justice to the one of famous journalist and the title Character if you people showing Evil win then why should we see it…show some good in it dear director don’t diSsopint Us.

  2. Imli’s marriage is illegal.. Imli and aditya cheated malini… Please don’t promote such type of illegal marriage.. There should not be any place in our society for such type of marriage…. Malini is right… Any woman in place of malini do the same to get back her husband… I support malini… Such type of marriage only should get society’s favor

  3. I have stopped watching this serial. Being a journalist how can Adithya be so foolish. How can a professor be so cheap to play such a dirty game.

  4. Isase to Ladkiyon ko aur badhava milega vah ladkon ko Badnaam karegi jhooth ki Jeet Hogi aur Satya Ki Haar Hogi koi bhi sacchai ke liye learning ko taiyar Nahin hoga yah sab galat dikha rahe hain

  5. Serial looses its pathway, Imli start to loose sympathy of viewer.Viwer enjoying win of Malini&also favors malinis attitude.
    This may be good for serial but, when title owner character start to loose sympathy it means serial going on wrong treck. I think it is good for serial to change title of serial.

  6. Yes good malini won. Let the imile stay away from malini life.when Aditya was not loving imile she was thinking about malini now when Aditya loving her she want him. What about malini life .foolish Aditya.

  7. They are missing out on many ways.
    The mere fact that evidence is tampered goes to prove how weak the Judiciary is.Aditya’s role is very weak.
    The Tripathi’s are blind and easily misled
    Sorry this is a disappointment.
    Wake up Producers you are testing our patience and too much of distortation of facts

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