Imlie: Imli's last attempt to expose Malini, turns into Malini

Imlie: Imli’s last attempt to expose Malini, turns into Malini

Star Plus popular serial Imlie is gearing up for some intense drama and interesting twists in the upcoming story.

The court was about to dismiss the case as Aditya did not remember anything.

But Kunal asks for time till next hearing which was granted.

But Imli has a plan to expose Malini. She ask Aditya to agree for its as it’s her last hope.

Imli intoxicates Anu and herself dresses like Malini. Imli questions Anu and tries her to confess Malini’s truth.

Malini marks her entry

Anu was about to says everything that she and Malini has done. Meanwhile Malini marks he entry and Imli’s plan goes flop.

Aditya is also not convinced by Imli’s behaviour thus asks her to apologise to Anu and Malini

The upcoming episodes of Imlie is going to be super interesting to watch.

Stay tuned for more updates.

16 Replies to “Imlie: Imli’s last attempt to expose Malini, turns into Malini”

  1. Really and after that many viewers showed their concern towards malini and hated Aditya and imli that is why makers made Malini’s character negitive how mean is this….
    I don’t understand this Aditya’s character it’s so cheap he loves someone and marries the other one and when he marries his love interest then again he loves the one who he married first what a logic this man have… He is taking love and marriage both for granted

  2. I hate that immli and Aditya too.
    He was in love with Malini but got married to a gawar by force. Now he loves her.
    Bloody rascal he is !

  3. This kind of serial is rubbish. The elder sister who has helped her little sister must have respect and not snatched her husband.

  4. Unnecessary the director is dragging the episodes to earn more and more money from the serial , otherwise Aditya should have gone to Jail and lost his job for ditching malini by hiding that he is already married before his marriage with malini. Only in serials like imlie ,a state topper speaks bhojpuri everywhere and says thankoo for thankyou!! Deepanshu,Pune.

  5. Main culprit is Aditya he must go to jail with imli because they both know they are married why imli keep quite that time when Aditya married again why Aditya accept imli and want to divorce maline first he loves Malini now imli story mai kuch reality bhi lawo

  6. This is a serial dont take it seriously . Malini and imlie are both good in their own ways and they r like sisters in real life also .

  7. Adultery,jealousy,ego,fights,nonsense,sshowing irrevelent things,corrupt practices,dumb men just standing ,is all that we see in all serials .Stop showing this nonsense.

  8. Imlie started of well but now has become regressive as other star plus serials. There is no aim other than just increasing irrelevant episodes.

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