Imlie: Imlie to justify her marriage with Aditya

Imlie: Imlie to justify her marriage with Aditya

Star Plus popular daily soap Imlie has grabbed the attention of its audience by intense melo drama and interesting plot.

The plot is quite intense nowadays. Imlie had been sent to Anu’s house while Malini makes entry to the Tripathi’s house.

Anu leaves no stone unturned to torture Imlie while Aditya also shows rage to Imlie.

Aditya says he would never come infront of Imlie and show his face to her as she always keeps ignoring him.

Imlie answers back to Anu

Imlie bears Anu’s wrath. Anu lashes out at Imlie for temping Aditya. And speaks I’ll about Imlie’s mother.

Losing her cool, Imlie holds back Anu’s hand when she tries to slap Imlie.

Imlie says Anu that because of her Malini is happily married and staying in Tripathis’ house.

Everyone is shocked at this side of Imlie. Anu didn’t even thought that Imlie would answer her back.

The upcoming episodes are going to be much more interesting with twists. Stay tuned for more updates.

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