Imlie: Imlie marks exit from Tripathi house; decodes Malini's plan

Imlie: Imlie marks exit from Tripathi house; decodes Malini’s plan

Star Plus popular serial Imlie is gearing up for some intense drama and interesting twists in the upcoming story.

Imlie are Aditya are trying hard to save their relationship while Malini is all set to destroy them.

Malini acclaims that Aditya slept with her the last night. Thus tears Imli apart.

Malini instigates Imli, says Aditya had great time with her last night but is doing drama of not remembering anything.

Meanwhile Tripathi’s decides that Malini will be Aditya’s wife for their family’s reputation and imli will return.

Imlie leaves Tripathi house

Imli believed that Aditya cheated on her and betrayed her. So Imli leaves the house with her mother and Nani.

Later Imli will decode Malini’s conspiracy and expose her

The upcoming episodes of Imlie are going to be super interesting to watch.

Stay tuned for more updates.

8 Replies to “Imlie: Imlie marks exit from Tripathi house; decodes Malini’s plan”

  1. I don’t know what the makers wants to show in this serial
    Malini is making Dirty plans against Imli
    This serial is not giving the good msg to viewers.This serial shows that it’s very much easy to enter in one’s life and play dirty games.

  2. Malini is his legal wife because the village people and especially that fat, greedy cow, made him marry Imlie under gunpoint which could never be accepted in any country in the world. Wether its marriage or anything done in those circumstances cannot be real. But again the so called traditions in these Indian villages goes beyond beliefs.
    I support Malini

  3. Feel irritated on Imli. It is not Malinis fault. Aditya or Imli is to be blamed for the happenings. The show is not giving a good message

  4. The story is going on a wrong track..
    They are showing imli as the victim though she knew frm the beginning that Malini was his first love…Imli stopped him to tell Malini at the time
    of her marriage also.
    They played with Malini’s feelings.
    Apart frm this Aditya who is playing the role of a senior reporter doesn’t know the difference between friendship n love after being in seven years relationship with Malini..
    Secondly the age difference..
    Imli is nineteen years old …is it right to get involved into all this and have fight with Malini.
    Story is being changed at the whims & fancy of someone who herself is a woke in life.

  5. This story is going another way. it os deviating from the real story. Why is Malini being shown negative? Her mom poisoned her mind, I think Malini should repent for her actions

  6. Why imili feel bad before she steal malini husband now malini did Why imili hurt malini is pure heart that is why all people played with malini u don’t worry malini still now u legally wife of aditya and imili is keep

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