Imlie: Imli out an end on her and Aditya's relationship

Imlie: Imli out an end on her and Aditya’s relationship

Star Plus popular serial Imlie is gearing up for some intense drama and interesting twists in the upcoming story.

Malini demands that she cannot live in the house if Imlie will stay there.

She says she pointed out at Imli and not Satyakam.

Malini says either she or Imli with live in the Tripathi house.

Imli says she will no more stay in the Tripathi house where no one trusts her.

Imlie bids goodbye

Tripathis supports Imli and asks her to stay back. But Imli has decided to leave Aditya and will never return.

Imli burns her mangalsutra and leaves Aditya. Imli smirks and Anu is very happy.

Will Aditya stop Imli from leaving?

Stay tuned for more updates.

6 Replies to “Imlie: Imli out an end on her and Aditya’s relationship”

    • I absolutely love the serial IMlI and I absolutely love Aryan!! He is a delight to see love his acting and I think Aryan addition to IMlI bought life back to the show! I was really happy when I saw Aryan’s character and I absolutely love IMlI character also and all the Tripathy’s please continue to add English subtitles as I’m from the Carribbean and does not understand Hindi well and I love the intense lyrics!!

  1. At some point, this story of evil Malini has to end, Aditya cannot be shown to be such a dummy husband whilst being such an intelligent journalist, it’s really stupid. There is no logic, what was the point of getting Imlie and Aditya married if the two main characters lives are always in turmoil? Is there no end to their problems, is evil the only thing that rules people’s lives in India? Every serial has this evil plot in them, always someone close to them, so sickening… When is true love going to emerge to fight off the evil?

  2. I hope Imli finally leaves Aditya and the stupid tripathis where they belong, and finally upgrade her life and her own family at pakdandiya, by marrying such a self built personality like Aryan. They will help each other overcome their pains.

  3. Was waiting for a long time for this to happen.Imlie don’t ever come back.Stay in pagdandiya and dibt leave your mummy and nani in Tripathis house.Stick to you decision

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