Imlie: Imli has new way to succeed against Aryan

Imlie: Imli has new way to succeed against Aryan

Star Plus popular serial Imlie is gearing up for some intense drama and interesting twists in the upcoming story.

It is hard for Imli to work in the same office as Aditya and Aryan in making it more tough by creating chaos in her life.

Aryan gave Imlie the task to greet everyone good morning standing in the entrance of the office.

Meanwhile some of Imli’s friends inform her that the interns have an orientation meeting today.

Imli is shocked that Aryan didn’t inform her and fumes but later she gets an fantastic idea.

Imli’s new plan

Imlie dresses up like the peon and enters the conference hall with teas and coffees so that Aryan couldn’t recognise her.

In the meantime everyone asks about Imli’s whereabouts when Aryan tell them to concentrate on the meeting and Imli is not important to be in this meeting.

Imli hears everything and gets offended.

Will Imli’s quirky way to attend the meeting impress Aryan or create chaos?

Stay tuned for more updates.

3 Replies to “Imlie: Imli has new way to succeed against Aryan”

  1. Is it necessary to make a Mahan out of Imlie in every episode.The serial is named Imlie doesn’t mean you have to paint every other character grey.Fed up of praise of Imlie.Why don’t you change the track for a change.Why don’t you paint Imlie grey.She can’t be the embodiment of goodness all the time and even the one who has given her a job is useless

    • मालिनी की सच्चाई जब तक सबके सामने नही आजाती तब तक यह शो फ्लॉप ही रहेगा

      • मालिनी का सच सबके सामने लाओ इस शो की TRP अपने आप बड़ जाएगी।

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