Imlie: Imli gets the pendrive back from Pranav

Imlie: Imli gets the pendrive back from Pranav

Star Plus most popular serial Imlie is gearing up for some intense drama and interesting twists in the upcoming story.

Imli has told Aditya about Pranav’s activities and how he stoke the pendrive.

Pranav and Imli gets out of the jail while Pranav plans to meet the MLA and give the pendrive.

Meanwhile Imli says she will not let Pranav go anywhere.

While the inspector also tells that until the Tripathi house case is solve no one can go anywhere.

Imli gets the pendrive

Imli plans how to get the pendrive back from Pranav while Sundar brings eight girls for the puja.

Imli asks the girls to be a part of her plans. The girls sits for bhojan while they pass the pendrive to Imli.

Before Imli gets the pendrive Pranav snatches it back.

Will Imlie be able the get the pendrive?

Stay tuned for more updates.

2 Replies to “Imlie: Imli gets the pendrive back from Pranav”

  1. Character of imli is good. But the story is baseless.and aditya is the most stupid Character.. he just knows to deliver dialogues. Imli is also not perfect .malini was positive in all situations despite of aditya’s cheating.but he blamed her. Imli freed satyakam a murderer but complained about malini.again the society is really great who accepted these idiot things as dogs.all the characters are just abnormal.this program is just increasing tension in this pandemic.fully nonsense. I just stopped watching it.worst serial that I have ever seen .

  2. Of course.Imlie is a super woman.The state doesn’t need a force.One woman army imlie is sufficient to tackle any situation.
    Imlie should be borrowed by all departments.
    Wow wow

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