Imlie: Imli finds clue; gets on a mission to expose Jyoti

Imlie: Imli finds clue; gets on a mission to expose Jyoti

Star Plus popular serial Imlie is gearing up for some intense drama and interesting twists in the upcoming story.

Jyoti is disappointed with Harry unable to kill Imlie. Thus she takes Harry and goes to Madhav’s house.

Jyoti offers Madhav 10 lakhs instead asks him to tell Aryan that he spent a night with Imli and the child is his.

Madhav tears the cheque and refuses and Jyoti asks Harry to kill Madhav with a brick. Harry beats Madhav amd he becomes unconscious.

Meanwhile Imli comes to meet Madhav and Jyoti and Harry elopes. Imli takes Madhav to the hospital and gets the torn cheque and wonders how he got such a big amount.

Imli gets lead

Later Imli prays to God that she get to the truth so that she can prove that the baby is Aryan’s.

Meanwhile Imli gets other half of the cheque which came to the house along with Jyoti.

Imli realises that someone from the house is trying to trap Imli and Aryan.

What more drama is waiting ahead? Will Imli know Jyoti’s truth?

Stay tuned for more updates.

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