Imlie: Imli back in Rathore Mansion; Malini puts Cheeni in danger

Imlie: Imli back in Rathore Mansion; Malini puts Cheeni in danger

Star Plus popular serial Imlie is gearing up for some intense drama and interesting twists in the upcoming story.

Imlie is extremely tensed about Cheeni’s whereabouts as Meethi hides Cheeni’s truth.

But later Cheeni calls Meethi to inform that she is safe but unfortunately Imli catches Meethi red handed.

Imli lashes out at her for hiding the truth and allowing Cheeni to go with Aryan and leaves for Delhi.

Meanwhile Aryan hides Cheeni from the Rathores and Malini as she would create a scene and drama.

Malini crosses her limits

Furious Imli leaves for Delhi to bring back Cheeni home from the Rathore Mansion.

Meanwhile Malini says she hates Imli to such a extent that she would happily cross any limits to keep Imli away from Aryan’s life.

Thus Malini finds cheeni in Rathore Mansion and uses her like before to make sure Imli has no ways to enter Aryan’s life.

What more drama is waiting ahead? Will Malini be successful in her plan? Will Cheeni be able to win against Malini’s evil plans?

Stay tuned for more updates.

One Reply to “Imlie: Imli back in Rathore Mansion; Malini puts Cheeni in danger”

  1. It is disgusting to see excessive footage and screen coverage being given to Malini and excessive negativity. Ms Gul Khan and her team are on mission to torture the audience by showing the disgusting nuisance conglomerate of vamps Malini Anu Neela and that dumb girl. Gul madam kindly spare us from this exploitation atleast for concluding episodes. We are utterly bored and fed up of negativity and venegeance. Further utterly bored with yapping yelling of puff faced Malini and other MAKE UP KI DUKAANS. THE PRESENCE OF THESE IS EXTREMELY SHABBY AND AVERSIVE BECAUSE THEY ARE LITERALLY DEVOID OF TALENT. Even the small girl being new is simply phenomenal. However these ladies who are supposed to be veterans are nothing but simply nuisance value to serial taking it to dungeons. Kick them off. The negativity is literally taking toll of the serial

    Ms Gul Khan simply kindly enable us to enjoy concluding episodes by showing more of the little girl Sugar 👧 and the lead pair. Show us happy times so that atleast the serial is remembered for longer time

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