Imlie: Imli-Aditya together to expose Pranav's real motive

Imlie: Imli-Aditya together to expose Pranav’s real motive

Star Plus popular serial Imlie is gearing up for some intense drama and interesting twists in the upcoming story.

Pranav has successfully stolen the pendrive and is very happy and rejoiced about it.

Meanwhile Aditya gets arrested as the police found drugs in his room.

Imli plans to get the pendrive back and gets into a fight with Pranav and also gets arrested.

Imli is relieved that she is with her Babasaheb in the jail and Pranav is also with them.

So now until he gets free from the jail he cannot do anything with the pendrive.

Imli-Aditya plans against Pranav

Imli tells Aditya that she wants to let him know something but she with write in code words in his back as Pranav is right infront of them.

Imli tells everything about Pranav and Aditya gives him a angry look.

Will Imlie and Aditya be able to get back the pendrive and expose Pranav?

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