Imlie: Aryan buys Tripathi house; Imli questions his love

Imlie: Aryan buys Tripathi house; Imli questions his love

Star Plus popular serial Imlie is gearing up for some intense drama and interesting twists in the upcoming story.

Imlie goes to Tripathi house to support them in their tough time.

But Aditya taunts her and throws her out of the Tripathi house.

Aryan marks his entry and warns Aditya of his actions.

While Imli breaks down as the Tripathis need to arrange 5 crores to get their house back.

Imli confronts Aryan

Later Imli stops Aryan and questions him why did he bought the Tripathi house for 5 crores.

She asks that why would a boss buy a house of 5 crores for his employee.

Imli says one can only spend 5 crore if he loves the other one. Imli questions Aryan’s love for her.

Does Aryan in love with Imli?

Stay tuned for more updates.

One Reply to “Imlie: Aryan buys Tripathi house; Imli questions his love”

  1. When will Imlie stop crying over Aditya?.Aditya does not know what love is or what love is about. Aditya is just about himself and only pretended to be in love with Imlie because he “finally” realises she is his wife when Prakash came in the picture and no one must have her. Time for Imlie to grow up and realise Aditya has not is not going to allow her to grow. Aryan is better influence and will make sure Imlie learns and grow academically, mentally and socially.
    Aditya only started encouraging Imlie in her studies very late in the game when his entire family and Malini was helping and encouraging from day one.

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