Imlie: Aditya throws Imlie out of his life; Malini relieved

Imlie: Aditya throws Imlie out of his life; Malini relieved

Star Plus popular daily soap Imlie serial upcoming story is going to witness some intense drama and interesting twists.

Tripathi family is relieved that Aditya is not dead. Imli still has hopes that she will somehow find Aditya.

Imli promises Aparna that she will bring back her son.

She goes on asking people with Aditya’s picture if they saw him.

Finally Imli gets a clues and finds Aditya.

Aditya forgets Imlie

Aditya got several injured on head and body which cause in partial memory loss.

He remembers Malini and other family members but does not remember Imli.

The upcoming episodes of Imlie are going to be super interesting to watch.

Stay tuned for more updates.

16 Replies to “Imlie: Aditya throws Imlie out of his life; Malini relieved”

  1. Imlie is 19 years old for God sake,she should be studying and learning to take on the world not marrying.please let the story be an opening eye to society to influence young girls and their parents or guardians not to engage them in such marriage because is pure chaos and far this serie for me,is some absurd fiction.

  2. Imlie serial is becoming the worst serial till date. A man Aditya is in a relationship since 7 years with a very innocent girl Malini, then he goes a marries some 18 year old Imlie and when he comes back he once again marries Malini because he thinks that Malini is only his love. Slowly after marriage he gets attracted towards that village girl Imlie amd then decides to leave Malini. Meanwhile they hid the whole truth from her too.

    Isnt it wrong to keep someone in dark hide truth and marry twice????
    HOW come MALINI is shown wrong???? Whem she was sacrificing whe was a goddess to Imlie and when She wants her live back she became villain????

    How come Anu is wrong and Dev is right???? Just because of his lust he spent a night with a village women and she becomes pregnant??? She betrayed both Anu is right na then?

    This whole story is portraying wrong messege for society.
    1. Giving validity to forced marriage
    2. Marrying twice then choosing one who us young
    3. Cheating hiding truth
    4. Showing the right charachter wrong
    5. If someone is to be punished and shown dying, it is Adityaa and both Imlie and Malini should leave him

  3. One of the most horrible serial with the most horrible writer n director. Aditya was shot on his chest, fell from the mountain, police were shown not capable to find his body but the great Imilia found him. Snake bit her but still in the isolated place she managed to find a cycle….bulls**t. She drove till the door step and thn went unconcious. Height was to c Aditya jisko chatii p goli laga ghar main use hosh aata hai…q hospital main bed nahi Mila Kya…aur uske chest main koi bandage nahi haat main fracture wala support..q bhai writer Saab.. logic kaha hai

  4. This is really unacceptable story as our society doesn’t accept such things yes Aparna and others should go and complain about this false marriage on the gun point but apart from that we are seeing her Nani who made it possible to get her forcibly married and she has taken the upper hand in their family and Imlie’s mother us threatening Malini while living in their house only and the entire family has pounded on Aditya’s house how is this possible please at least stop making such irrelevant serials at least make such that actually pass some messages to the society not this stupidity which is making people take example and apply in their lives
    Shame on such writers and makers not expected such nonsense our children today they are saying chalo ek shadi goan mein aur ek sheher mein karte hain please come out of such stupid and unusual things

    • You are absolutely right this serial should be banned every one please raise your voice. This serial gives wrong message to society.

    • I completely accept kindly dont entertain such things for society most of people follow things shown on telivision and take an advantge I really support with the above words mam, and please make Adithya realise Malini’s love let imlie be a part of his friendship he can settle her life being a part of her life even imlie should should not ruin Malini’s married life she is still 19 she has more life to learn things this is not point for her to do these…
      Request writters to please maintain adi and malini together and let any other enter imlies life which can give ur serial a great twist….

  5. How many of you hate Imlie ??
    Kyuki mai isliye bol rahi hu yrr tum sb show m kya dekhte ho , malini ka sirf pagal pan h aditya ke liye but true love Imlie hee krti h , woh adi ke liye sb kuch krti h
    Remember it guys !! Malini ne aaj tak aisa kuch nhi kiya h Aditya ke liye

  6. Aditya must be behind bars for marrying twice. Director is so useless..he is posing Malini and her mom as villain while they are right.

    Bakwaas director…..

    • Ur absolutely correct. The writer is trying to prove that Imlie is so innocent but the ultimate truth is she, her mother & her grany all the three r very cunning.

  7. Useless story, Aditya’s parents should report to the police abt his marriage at the gun pt, nd should discard imli nd her family out of their house .imli’s family forcefully entered A’s house,they should be behind bars as their marriage was nt legal.Nobody, like,imli can forcefully ,live in the house.

  8. It is regressive serial. Has nobody heard of big Amy. The hero should be beind bars for marrying again, when he was already married. The question of divorce with Malini does not arise as it’s a case of bigamy

    • Why hate Imlie. The name of the serial bears her name., and not Malini.
      Malini plays the role of a villain. She had put the life if Aditya in danger and created lots of problems.

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