Imlie: Aditya throws Imli out of Tripathi house; Aryan's big revalation

Imlie: Aditya throws Imli out of Tripathi house; Aryan’s big revalation

Star Plus popular serial Imlie is gearing up for some intense drama and interesting twists in the upcoming story.

Aditya resigns from his job at The Bhaskar Times as he couldn’t bear that Imlie is his boss.

Meanwhile Aparna tells Imli the some tension is going in Tripathi house.

Imli leaves her works and rushes to Tripathi house. Aryan finds Imli nowhere in the office and goes behind her.

Aryan tries all ways out to save Imli from any stress or heartbreaks.

Aditya insult Imli

Meanwhile at Tripathi house, Aditya insults Imli and he will not let her shadow fall in the house.

Thus Aditya grabs Imli’s hand, drags her to the doors and throws her out.

Aryan marks his entry and takes Imli’s stand.

What more drama is waiting ahead? Is Aryan behind the financial crisis of the Tripathis? Is he taking revenge from Aditya?

Stay tuned for more updates.

3 Replies to “Imlie: Aditya throws Imli out of Tripathi house; Aryan’s big revalation”

  1. This is really disgusting serial The Way you are showing imlie and related families is unrealistic wasting of time.kindly finished it off.

  2. It is a good serial. Please keep it realistic as done so far. Malini a professor is shown brain washed by her mother and an educated lady acts so revengeful. She needs counseling.

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