How To Vote Super Singer 9 Contestants, Missed Call Numbers, Voting Results

Vijay TV’s singing reality show Super Singer Season 9 started few weeks back with the top 20 contestants for the year 2022-2023.

All these 20 contestants are giving their best performance to get the chair of Top Five zone.

From the next weekend, the bottom 5 contestants of the danger zone will compete for the public votes and elimination.

All the fans and followers will get a chance to vote for their favourite singer to save him/her from the elimination.

You can vote your favourite singer using Disney+ Hotstar and Missed Call voting methods.

The first voting lines of Super Singer 9 was started on 11 December 2022.

Super Singer 9 Missed Call Numbers

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Sr No.Contestant NameMissed Call NumberStatus
1Anantha Gopan7288877602Eliminated
(25 February 2023)
2Aparna Narayanan7288877603Eliminated
(4 March 2023)
3Abhijit Anil KumarTBAFinalist
4Aruna SivayaTBAFinalist
5Chanderan Chan7288877605Eliminated
(22 April 2023)
6Dinesh Kumar7288877606Eliminated
(16 May 2023)
7Emmanual EsclEenN/AEliminated
(17 December 2022)
8Gowri SankarN/AEliminated
(31 December 2022)
9Keshav RamN/AEliminated
(5 February 2023)
(6 May 2023)
(24 December 2022)
(14 January 2023)
13Nishchitha GowdaN/AEliminated
(7 January 2023)
14Pooja VenkatramanTBAFinalist
15Priya Jerson7288877610Finalist
16Priya PadmanabhanN/AEliminated
(4 February 2023)
17Prasanna Adhisesha7288877609Eliminated
(3 June 2023)
(8 April 2023)
19Sneha PadmanabhanN/AEliminated
(18 February 2023)
(25 March 2023)
21Hari Vignesh7288877615Eliminated
(11 March 2023)
22Ancy MaryN/AEliminated
(11 February 2023)

You can simply give a miss call on the above given number of your favourite contestant.

Super Singer 9 How To Vote

If you are looking for how to vote using Disney+ Hotstar app voting method, then you follow below steps:

Step 1: Download Or Upgrade the Hotstar app from the Google Playstore / iTunes.

Step 2: Open and Login with your Hotstar account detail.

Step 3: Find Super Singer 9 in the search bar and now click on the VOTE button. (as shown below)

Super Singer 9 How To Vote
Credits: Disney+ Hotstar App

Step 4: Click on your favourite nominated contestant whom you want to save. (as shown below)


Step 5: After your selection, click on the DONE button.

Step 6: You have successfully submitted your vote.

Note: You can submit maximum 10 votes per day i.e. 30 votes for 3 voting days

Super Singer 9 Voting Lines

The voting process will start on 28th May 2023, after Sunday’s episode i.e. at 8:00pm.

All the voters will get maximum 10 votes per day. So, you can submit total 30 votes during 3 voting days.

Super Singer 9 Unofficial Poll

Note: Above is the unofficial poll which will not affect or submit to the official voting results.

So, be ready to vote and save your favourite contestant from the elimination.

Stay connected with us for all the latest updates and news about Super Singer 9.

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