How to Vote Dancing With The Stars 2021 Contestants, SMS Text Keywords

ABC’s dance reality show Dancing With The Stars (DWTS 30) is back with new season for the year 2021.

Dancing With The Stars 2021 premiere on September 20, 2021 with First Dance of all the 15 contestants with their professional partners.

In this season also, during the 10-week live shows, fans and viewers can vote their favorite couples throughout the season.

All these public votes will be merged with the judges scores and based on this the lowest combination of votes and scores will be up for elimination.

To vote your favorite contestants, there are 2 voting methods (via SMS and via which will keep your favorite couples dancing.

Read below for the voting methods, SMS/text keywords of contestants, voting numbers, as well as how to vote for the DWTS 2021 Cast.

DWTS 2021 Text/SMS Keywords

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Sr No.Celebrity NameSMSStatus
1JoJo SiwaText JOJO to 21523Runner-up
2Sunisa LeeText SUNI to 21523Eliminated
3Amanda KlootsText AMANDA to 215234th Place
4Brian Austin GreenText BRIAN to 21523Eliminated
(October 12, 2021)
5Iman ShumpertText IMAN to 21523Winner 🏆
6Olivia JadeText OLIVIA to 21523Eliminated
(November 8, 2021)
7Kenya MooreText KENYA to 21523Eliminated
(October 25, 2021)
8The MizText MIZ to 21523Eliminated
(November 1, 2021)
9Matt JamesText MATT to 21523Eliminated
(October 12, 2021)
10Jimmie AllenText JIMMIE to 21523Eliminated
(November 8, 2021)
11Melanie CText MELANIE to 21523Eliminated
(October 18, 2021)
12Christine ChiuText CHRISTINE to 21523Eliminated
(October 4, 2021)
13Melora HardinText MELORA to 21523Eliminated
14Cody RigsbyText CODY to 215233rd Place
15Martin KoveText MARTIN to 21523Eliminated
(September 27, 2021)

DWTS 2021 Voting Methods

For this 30th season as well, there are 2 super easy voting methods by which you can vote and save your favorite dancers on Dancing With The Stars 2021.

That are: Voting via or Vote via Text/SMS

Vote via Method

To vote online using website, you have to follow below steps:

Step 1: First open in your browser

Step 2: Now register/login in with your ABC account

Step 3: Now visit and tap on the contestants whom you want to vote

Step 4: After deciding your votes, now just click on “Save Votes” to save your votes

Now choose your favourite act to vote and click on Submit Votes button to save your changes.

Note: With this method you can submit 10 votes per couple on each voting window.

Vote via SMS Method

To vote your favorite dancers using SMS/Text method, you will have to text the given keyword for your favorite couple(s) and send it to 21523. (Check above given table)

For example: To vote for The Miz, you will have to text MIZ to 21523

Note: With this method also you can submit 10 votes per couple on each voting window. So, in total you can submit 20 votes per couple.

DWTS 2021 Voting Window

For the premiere episode, voting window will start from Monday, September 20 at 8 p.m. ET / 7 p.m. CT and will end on Tuesday, September 21 at 5 a.m. ET/ 4 a.m. CT.

For the remaining weeks, the voting lines will start from September 27 through the finale on November 22. It will end during the last commercial break of the ET/CT broadcast, just after all couples have performed.

Voting for live broadcasts is only available for Eastern and Central time zones and will not be available for Mountain, Pacific, Alaska or Hawaii time zones (later broadcasts).

**To vote your dancers, you must be at least 18 years old and located in the U.S. or Puerto Rico.

Get ready to vote and save your favorite couples on Dancing With The Stars 2021.

Stay connected with us for all the latest updates and news about DWTS 2021.

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  1. i think you need to put all the dancing with the stars season on Hulu or send me all the seasons of dancing with the stars 1 thro 30 to this address 706 South Cushman Tacoma WA 98405

  2. Disappointed, the dancer with the highest judging scores should win. Why have judges if people are voting. JoJo Siwa got screwed she was by hands down the best dancer

  3. My vote is for Sun Lee n Sasha
    Sun Lee I hope you win you are amazing on the dance floor so girl give it all you got just like you did at THE OLYMPICS

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