How To Vote Canada’s Got Talent 2022 Contestants – CGT Finale Voting Method

Citytv’s talent reality show Canada’s Got Talent 2022 (Season 1) reached it’s semi-finals with 18 semi-finalists.

Now all these 18 contestants will show their performance/talent in the Semi-finals round and from them, 8 contestants will compete in the finals of CGT 2022.

We will have total 2 semi-final episodes, each consisting of 9 contestants. At the end of the episode, 2 contestants will enter in the finale based on jury votes while rest 7 will fight for Canada’s votes.

All the eligible Canadians can vote and save their contestants with the help of provided voting method.

Check out below for the voting information, voting lines and all the other details.

Canada’s Got Talent 2022 Voting

To vote and save your favourite act, makers have released 2 voting methods for the viewers.

On May 17, 2022: The top 8 finalists who performed to win Canada’s Got Talent 2022 title were Courtney Gilmour, GRVMNT, Jeanick Fournier, Kellie Loder, The Renegades, Savio Joseph, Shadow Entertainment, and Stacey Kay.

Vote using Mobile/PC:

Step 1: To vote your favourite contestants, you need to open official website in your browser.

Step 2: Register/login with your Citytv account.

Step 3: Find and click on Canada’s Got Talent Vote Now banner.


Step 4: Select you contestants who you want to vote.

Step 5: Click on VOTE button to submit your votes.

Note: You can submit maximum 3 votes to your favorite act on each voting window. There are no call/phone/SMS or social media voting options this time.

Canada’s Got Talent Finals Voting Window

To submit your votes to the acts, a 24 hours voting window is created for the viewers where you can vote your favourite contestant/act and make him/her the winner of CGT Season 1. Once this window closes, your vote will not be counted.

The voting lines will open on May 17, 2022 at 8et/5pt. Don’t forget to cast your votes and make your favorite contestant winner.

Get ready to vote and save your favorites on CGT 2022.

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