How To Vote Bigg Boss Tamil Season 7 Contestants, Missed Call Numbers, Voting – 2023

Bigg Boss Tamil Season 7 (2023) got a great start with the 18 initial contestants of this season.

These 18 contestants will live in the Bigg Boss house for around 105 days and participate in each and every task to stay safe from nominations and eliminations.

From this weekend, we will see all the nominated contestants will be facing the eliminations.

All the viewers of Bigg Boss Tamil 2023 has a power to vote and save their favourite contestants from every week’s eliminations.

To save your favourite contestant, you are given 2 voting methods using which you can submit your votes.

These two voting methods are: Vote using Disney+ Hotstar and Vote using Missed Call Number.

Bigg Boss Tamil 7 Missed Call Number

To vote and save your favourite nominated contestants, you will just have to dial the respective phone number of the particular contestant and give a missed call.

You can get all the missed call numbers of all the contestants from below table.

Note: You can give 1 missed call/per episode to save your favourite contestant

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Sr No.Contestant NameNumberStatus
1Maya Krishnan+91 8886602478


2Ananya Rao+91 8886602472


(8 October 2023)
3Vijay Varma+91 8886602484


(22 October 2023)
4Vishnu Vijay+91 8886602486


5Pradeep Antony+91 8886602481Ejected
(5 November 2023)
6Jovika Vijaykumar+91 8886602476Eliminated
(3 December 2023)
7Raveena Daha+91 8886602482


8Aishu+91 8886602470Eliminated
(12 November 2023)
9Saravana Vickram+91 8886602483


10Bawa Chelladurai+91 8886602473


11Yugendran+91 8886602487Eliminated
(29 October 2023)
12Vichitra+91 8886602475


13Cool Suresh+91 8886602474


14Poornima Ravi+91 8886602480


15Nixen+91 8886602479


16Vinusha Devi+91 8886602485Eliminated
(29 October 2023)
17Manichandra+91 8886602477


18Akshaya Udayakumar+91 8886602471Eliminated
(26 November 2023)
19Annabharathi+91 8886602488Eliminated
(5 November 2023)
20Gana Bala+91 8886602489Eliminated
(19 November 2023)
21Dinesh Gopalsamy+91 8886602490


22VJ Archana+91 8886602491


23RJ Bravo+91 8886602492Eliminated
(26 November 2023)

Bigg Boss Tamil 7 Vote Using Hotstar App

If you are looking on how to vote using Disney+ Hotstar app voting method, then you follow below steps:

Step 1: Download and Upgrade the Hotstar app from the Google Playstore / iTunes.

Step 2: Open and Login with your Hotstar account details.

Step 3: Find Bigg Boss Tamil in the search bar

Step 4: Open any Episode and now click on the blue VOTE button

Step 5: Tap on your favourite contestant to vote. You can cast your votes to one participant or divide them amongst the other nominated contestants during this week voting.

Step 6: After your selection, click on the DONE button.

Note: You can submit maximum 1 vote/per episode to save your favourite contestants. Today’s voting lines will close by midnight.

Bigg Boss Tamil 7 Unofficial Poll

Let’s vote in our below unofficial voting poll to see the voting results:

So be ready to vote and save your favourite nominated contestant from eviction.

Stay connected with us for all the latest updates and news about Bigg Boss Tamil 2023 Season 7.

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