How to Vote American Idol 2022 Contestants, New Voting Text Numbers

ABC’s singing reality show American Idol 2022 (Season 20) got its top 24 contestants after Audition, Hollywood Week and Showstopper Rounds.

Now these top 24 selected contestants will perform at the Disney’s Aulani Resort in Hawaii.

From this week, the voting lines will also open so that we Americans can vote to save our favorite contestant who will make through to the next round of the competition.

So if you don’t have the list of all the contestants as well as their voting SMS text numbers, then you will find it below.

Read further for the new voting numbers and methods on how to vote American Idol 2022 contestants.

American Idol 2022 Vote

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Sr No.Contestant NameVoting NumberStatus
1Noah ThompsonText “2” to 21523Winner 🏆
2Hunter GirlText “4” to 21523Runner-up
3Leah MarleneText “6” to 215233rd Place
4NicolinaText “7” to 21523Eliminated
(Top 5)
5Fritz HagerText “10” to 21523Eliminated
(Top 5)
6Allegra MilesText “15” to 21523Eliminated
(Top 14)
7Ava MaybeeText “17” to 21523Eliminated
(Top 14)
8Cadence BakerText “13” to 21523Eliminated
(Top 20)
9Cameron WhitcombText “20” to 21523Eliminated
(Top 20)
10Christian GuardinoText “9” to 21523Eliminated
(Top 7)
11Danielle FinnText “6” to 21523Eliminated
(Top 24)
12Dan MarshallText “9” to 21523Eliminated
(Top 14)
13Elli RoweText “2” to 21523Eliminated
(Top 20)
14Emyrson FloraText “3” to 21523Eliminated
(Top 10)
15Jacob MoranText “10” to 21523Eliminated
(Top 20)
16Jay CopelandText “5” to 21523Eliminated
(Top 7)
17Katyrah LoveText “22” to 21523Eliminated
(Top 20)
18Kenedi AndersonN/AWithdrew
(Top 24)
19Lady KText “1” to 21523Eliminated
(Top 10)
20Mike ParkerText “8” to 21523Eliminated
(Top 10)
21SageText “5” to 21523Eliminated
(Top 20)
22ScarletText “4” to 21523Eliminated
(Top 24)
23Sir BlaykeText “14” to 21523Eliminated
(Top 24)
24Tristen GressettText “3” to 21523Eliminated
(Top 11)

American Idol 2022 Voting Methods

You can vote your favorite contestant by using American Idol App, OR by visiting OR with Text Message voting, simply text the number of the contestant you would like to vote for to “21523“.

You can submit maximum 10 votes per voting method (i.e. total 30 votes per contestant).

Voting Lines: The Voting lines for American Idol starts on Sunday, May 22, 2022 at the beginning of the East Coast broadcast at approximately 8pm ET/5pm PT and closes at the last commercial break.

Be ready to save your favorites on American Idol 2022.

Stay connected with us for all the latest updates and news about American Idol 2022.

14 Replies to “How to Vote American Idol 2022 Contestants, New Voting Text Numbers”

  1. I tried to vote halfway through the show and the voting was already closed! If you live on the west coast you apparently don’t get to vote. Isn’t it supposed to be American Idol, not East Coast Idol?

    • I vote early because I know who I like and I have had it shut down while I vote… Pretty annoying

  2. 04•17•2022
    I DO NOT like the fact that we Can NOT Vote until the SHOW IS OVER at 11:00pm (EST)
    There are only a few that will not receive a vote or two from me!
    .•°•.•°•.•°💥 What an AmAziNg show tonight, Everyone TRULY at their BEST!!
    This is gonna be tough!

    • When Idol first started seasons 1 through 15 you couldn’t vote until the end of show after everyone had a chance to sing. We shouldn’t be allowed to vote until the end of the show. I vote off who did the best. And until you watch everyone you don’t know who did the best. Your favorite might have done terrible. We shouldn’t be allowed to vote until after the show is over after everyone has performed.

  3. I am so disappointed that I missed Sunday’s show. Was so looking forward to hearing Tristen Gressett. I’m an old rocker, and I thoroughly enjoy listening and watching Tristen. He would have easily had my 10 votes! Hope he stays in. He’s a star! Love all of the contestants this year! They are all winners!

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