How to Vote American Idol 2021 Contestants, Voting Numbers

ABC’s American Idol 2021 (Season 4) got its top 24 contestants after various rounds of auditions.

Now these top 24 contestants will compete in All Stars Solos and Duet round to make their place in the Top 16 of this season.

From this week, the voting lines will also start so we Americans will get a power to save our favourite contestant.

So if you don’t have the list of contestants as well as their voting numbers, then you will find it below.

Read further for the voting numbers and methods on how to vote for the American Idol 2021 contestants.

American Idol 2021 Vote

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Sr No.Contestant NameVoting NumberStatus
1Jason WarriorText “13” to 21523Eliminated
(Top 24)
2Cassandra ColemanText “2” to 21523Competing
3Grace KinstlerText “12” to 21523Competing
4Alanis SophiaText “1” to 21523Eliminated
(Top 16)
5Anilee ListText “6” to 21523Eliminated
(Top 24)
6Liahona OlayanText “20” to 21523Eliminated
(Top 24)
7Willie SpenceText “11” to 21523Competing
8Hannah EverhartText “16” to 21523Eliminated
(Top 24)
9Casey BishopText “24” to 21523Competing
10Chayce BeckhamText “18” to 21523Competing
11Cecil RayText “10” to 21523Eliminated
(Top 24)
12Graham DeFrancoText “8” to 21523Eliminated
(Top 16)
13Mary Jo YoungText “17” to 21523Eliminated
(Top 24)
14Hunter MettsText “23” to 21523Competing
15BeaneText “15” to 21523Eliminated
(Top 12)
16Alyssa WrayText “3” to 21523Competing
17Caleb KennedyText “22” to 21523Competing
18Madison WatkinsText “14” to 21523Eliminated
(Top 12)
19Ava AugustText “21” to 21523Eliminated
(Top 12)
20Deshawn GoncalvesText “7” to 21523Competing
21Alana DelshermText “5” to 21523Eliminated
(Top 24)
22Andrea VallesText “9” to 21523Eliminated
(Top 24)
23Colin JamiesonText “19” to 21523Eliminated
(Top 16)
24Wyatt PikeText “4” to 21523Drop-out
(Top 16)
25Cyniah EliseText “C1” to 21523Competing
26Nick MericoText “C2” to 21523Competing
27Aliana JesterText “C3” to 21523Competing
28Franklin BooneText “C4” to 21523Competing
29Faith BecnelText “C5” to 21523Competing
30Arthur GunnText “C6” to 21523Competing
31DeWayne Crocker Jr.Text “C7” to 21523Competing
32Makayla PhillipsText “C8” to 21523Competing
33Olivia XiminesText “C9” to 21523Competing
34Louis KnightText “C10” to 21523Competing

Note: Voting lines for American Idol begins again on Monday, April 19 at the beginning of the East Coast broadcast at approximately 8pm ET/5pm PT and locks at 6am ET/3am PT on April 26.

American Idol 2021 Voting Methods

You can vote your favorite contestant by using American Idol App, OR by visiting OR you can just send a Text message with the contestant number to 21523.

So, vote up to 10 times, per contestant, per method (total 30 votes per contestant). Voting opens at 10 PM ET and closes at 9 AM ET. Be ready to save your favorites on American Idol 2021.

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  1. Willie the best

    This is the first year I think three people could and should win. Willie, Grace, and Alyssa. They should form a power group and then go solo.

  2. I love American Idol it’s the best thing in the world and next year when I turn 15 in June next year I will be in American Idol and I Will Follow My Dreams

  3. My voting isn’t going through. “Sorry I didn’t recognize the number” is the msg we’ve been receiving

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