MTV Roadies Revolution Grand Finale Winner: Hamid Barkzi

MTV’s reality show Roadies Revolution of year 2020 came to its Grand Finale task with 3 finalists Hamid, Jayant, and Michael.

From them, 1 will be titled as the winner of the Roadies Revolution who performs extra-ordinary in this last task.

The top 3 finalists Hamid Barkzi, Jayant Yadav, and Michael Ajay are very much enthusiastic to perform it and grab this title.

For the very first time, Nikhil Chinapa entered in the finals and yes with 2 finalists of his team. He was very much sure that the trophy of MTV Roadies will came in him only.

Chinapa’s assumption came true when Hamid Barkzi performed very well in the last task of this season.

Grand Finale Task Details

This finale task was very much dynamic where a Roadie has to perform it in 3 stages when the task starts he will keep mobile in charge then paas thru a swing, climb the structure, solve the equation, find a number, and break the pots. Then he will find the extinguisher ball and throw it in the fire box. The Roadie will also find number which will be used to open the final box. Later on he will have to break tube-lights while sliding on a rope, and at the end take that star from the fire and click a selfie with Oppo F17 Pro mobile.

Smashing 1 tube light will deduct 10 secs from the total time. There are total 14 tube lights in this stunt. This is a time based task where the contestant who took very less time will win the Roadies Revolution.

Now it is results time, Hamid broke 10 tube light and the total time after deduction was 3 mins 14 secs. Jayant smashed 7 tube-lights and after deduction the total time he took was 8 mins 18 secs whereas Michael completed entire stunt in 5 mins 30 secs who broke 6 tube lights.

Finally, after completion of this task, Rannvijay Singh made a winner announcement.

Rann declares Hamid Barkji as the winner of Roadies Revolution.

Hamid got a MTV Roadies Revolution title and a most expensive Jawa bike.

While Michael was declared as the first runner-up and Jayant as the second runner-up of this season.

With this, Team leader Nikhil who entered in the finals for the very first time won this season. Rann gave 3 lakh rupees to him to complete the Water Revolution cause and give it to the NGO.

All the very best to the winner Hamid as well as the other Roadies for their future endeavors.

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