GHKKPM: Virat questions about Savi; new entry in Chavan Nivas

GHKKPM: Virat questions about Savi; new entry in Chavan Nivas

Star Plus popular serial Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein GHKKPM is gearing up for some intense drama and interesting twists in the upcoming story.

Virat takes Vinayak to Sai’s house for his treatment while later Gulabrao meets Virat and I’ll speak about Sai.

Virat slaps Gulabrao for assasinating Sai’s character. He fights with him while Sai comes to stop him.

Sai stops Virat while it proves that Virat is still madly in love with Sai and can’t hear anything bad about her.

While later Sai takes Virat yi hrr house when Virat questions Sai that where did she found Savi and who is her father.

Harinee is back

Meanwhile Chavans are preparing to welcome someone special that i Pulkit and Devi’s daughter Harinee.

Harinee is a teenager who hates people’s interference in her life. She admits that she smokes and when Pakhi asks her not to she insults her .

Harinee turned out to be a brat and Bhavani tells Pulkit that his daughter is spoiled.

What more drama is waiting ahead? What more twists wil Harinee bring?

Stay tuned for more updates on GHKKPM.

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  1. I hope now she will tell savi that virat is her father and that gulab will hear that and noe know that sai is a respectfull woman and stop taunting her but he is evil why dont they match palkhi and gulb as a couple they suite eachother perfect two criminalstogether

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