GHKKPM: Virat in depression; Shruti to meet Sai

GHKKPM: Virat in depression; Shruti to meet Sai

Star Plus popular serial Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein GHKKPM is gearing up for some intense drama and interesting twists in the upcoming story.

Sai returns to Chavan Nivas for day as her health is not good.

Meanwhile Shruti informs the Chavans that Virat’s health is detoriating but no one pays attention.

While doctor tells Shruti that Virat’s mental health is not good thus he became so weak.

Shruti feels helpless as Virat is suffering so much just because of her.

Sai gives Shruti the wife rights

Sai removes her mangalsutra and hands it over to Ashwini and tells her that this now belongs to Shruti.

Ashwini breaks down while Sai prays for Virat and Shruti’s happy married life.

What more drama is waiting ahead?

Stay tuned for more updates.

2 Replies to “GHKKPM: Virat in depression; Shruti to meet Sai”

  1. Worst characters of the show virat & Pakhi saara raita khud phalio aur bezzati chalisa gaate jao they both keep sulking in the entire show they are both responsible for all the fracas & the title of the show show should be changed to bezzati in extra slow-motion Acp was dumb deaf spineless brainless & coward now he should be shown as HIV positive & his character should be ended bcoz he always keeps hurting Sai bcoz he loves her & keeps giving chances to chokidaar & naxalites other shows extend celebration but this show extend quarrels & they are unmatchable worst family Jo ek dusre ko nicha dikhane ke liye kuch bhi kar sakte hai just take some inspiration from kabhi kabhi ittefaq se so nice family & dhadkan which is telecasted on Sony Realitic issues are discussed this show is just crap & just pissing off & just dragging has really lost its charm & will be out of trp rating soon & new entry should be of kkis

    • Virat is intelligent enough to understand why the family and Sai have no trust and faith in him and yet he wants THEIR understanding! The show should be more realistic though…just dragging on….becoming boring. Also I cannot understand why Virat’s promise to a friend…a ruthless tertorist is worth more than the love of his life and family. He needs to wake up. I hope no viewer in such a situation makes such a dumb and insensitive choice. Virat has more than an apology for his family! His character in this drama is VERY weak. I hope Sai meets a strong and supportive new partner…I would not trust Virat in the future after he caused so much needless stress! Get real production team…less gaggling and more action!

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