GHKKPM: Samrat's return ruin Virat-Sai relationship; Pakhi to be the new lead

GHKKPM: Samrat’s return ruin Virat-Sai relationship; Pakhi to be the new lead

Star Plus popular daily soap Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein GHKKPM is ready to showcase some interesting twists and drama with Samrat’s return.

Virat is on cloud nine as Sai agreed for the trip. Virat finally gets to spend some special moment with Sai.

But destiny has planned something else for the duo. Samrat marks an entry and decides to give divorce to Pakhi.

Samrat states that he has no bonding or relationship with Pakhi so he will be leaving her. But Samrat doesn’t stop her.

Samrat hands over his marriage ring to Virat and asks him to take Pakhi’s responsibilities by marrying her.

Samrat’s huge decision

Pakhi is happy with Samrat’s decision and find a ray of hope to reunite with her old lover Virat.

The new promo of GHKKPM states ‘Farz ke aage ek baar phir majboor khadaa hai pyaar! Ab kya faisla sunaayegi, farz aur mohabbat ki yeh dastaan?’

Will Virat keep his promise and reunite with Pakhi?

The upcoming episodes of Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein GHKKPM is going to be super interesting to watch.

Stay tuned for more updates.

25 Replies to “GHKKPM: Samrat’s return ruin Virat-Sai relationship; Pakhi to be the new lead”

  1. I’m quite thrilled bout Sarratt getting back cause basically I believe in old love and the past can never be in the past like how can someone forget their love? so I believe virat should end up with patralekha! but I definitely disagree to pakhis bs like she is such an educated mature woman she can’t be behind a man who has already left her,she needs to move on and show virat what he truly lost! However and virat needs to pay for his broken promises to pakhi and it should have never been sai’s fault,she also does deserve happiness

  2. Virat spoiled Pakhi life . Didn’t he? Pakhi was also stupid enough to believe Virat promise and words. Anyway it’s a unreal tv serial world.

  3. Seriously this serial is making fun of marriage now and elders promoting extra marital affairs.
    Do we really need such examples where a confident girl is torn between different relationships and highly educated girl not wanting to move on even after losing her self respect
    What type of relationships are being promoted?
    Makers Seriously need to rethink about the basic story

  4. Really this would be absolutely stupidity if virat leaves sai, i wil stop watching it then so be sensible and show some progress in their relationship

  5. What an immature track. Samrat has no right to impose his ftustration on Virat to marry Pakhi. Well he should back out with no ill feeling should he be incompatible with his wife Patralekha. The thoughts and story line should be progressive in line with changing trends not regressive. Remember marriage unites two persons as life partners with no dictatorship on Farz etc. Virat has moved on, sai is his inspiration..Let Samrat and Patrakekha revisit their lives afresh .

    • Yes, what’s good should be shown .. Director should not show marriage is a game play.. .. can’t samrat see Virat is married now …wats d hell he’z trying to show take n Merry dat ridiculous paakhi.. wat abt sai???
      I’m gonna stop watching this ridiculous immoral drama ..wat r they trying to teach society??
      Aaj shaadi isse kar lo kar use kar Lena.. parso fir isse karna narso kisi aur se ..
      Completely mental n rediculous thinking viewer r mad ..

      • Stop the serial, Don’t make fun of marriage, is this you are teaching the new generation and youngsters.

        Samrat has no rights to impose his thoughts on his married brother


    • You are wrong in starting only Virat had done this with Patralekha whom he love but due to his promise made to Kamal Sir he had been married to Sai just to take his responsibility but now destiny is doing the same with Virat he had done with Patralekha. He promised her that he will not give any place to any other girl rather than her in his heart and life but he Broke that promise and he enforced Patralekha to marry Samrat otherwise he had a choice to accept his love in front of his family members and Samrat but he hadn’t it was his mistake only for whom he has to regret this track make him realize his mistake.

      • He never enforced pakhi to marry samrat,she married him willingly. Her parents asked her if she was fine with it, she said she couldn’t wait for virat

  6. Samrat has no right to interfere in Virat & Sai life, they are married & they have a very good bonding in their married life also specifically with Virat’s Mother who is a such a good person & Parkhi never respected her from day one, so Parkhi has to leave the house or be with her husband Samrat.

  7. What absolute bull s#!t is this, why would Samrat ask Virat to divorce Sai? They got married way after and legally. Now they are falli9ng in love too, why bring this crap storyline, maybe just take the serial off air!!
    The entire one year they have made Sai a football now this s#!t. So angry at writers.
    I hope this is false news as per usual. If Samrat want to divorce Pakhi and go with his child mother then GOOOO.
    I’m also guessing the elders will agree with long lost Samrat!!

  8. Sorry It shouldn’t happen. Virat will never agree . this can’t be true.. Please show samret pakhi relationship instead .. Let Sairat live happily

  9. R u guys crazy. Y are u proving love to be so weak n specially after marriage. If this time, Sai n Virat doesnot get together, then ur story is useless. Sorry to say but ur TRp will dip badly. People have started loving Sai n Virat’s love n want to see them together which u r not ready to show…Rubbish..

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