GHKKPM: Samrat questions Virat for betraying Sai: Virat-Sai face off

GHKKPM: Samrat questions Virat for betraying Pakhi: Virat-Sai face off

Star Plus popular daily soap Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein GHKKPM is going to witness some real drama and interesting twists in its latest track.

Samrat calls Sai his sister, thus the sister’s request drags Samrat to Chavan Nivas. Samrat agrees to visit Chavan nivas.

Sai, Virat and othe Chavans are extremely happy and surprised to see Samrat back. Mansi gets emotional while Pakhi is shocked.

Samrat says his only reason to return is to set Patralekha free. Samrat tells Pakhi that he is going to give divorce to her.

Later Samrat questions Virat that how could he marry Sai instead of Pakhi. But Samrat gets shocked when he learns that Virat no more loves Pakhi, he only loves Sai.

Virat-Sai ugly face-off

Samrat and Pakhi’s divorce also affected Virat and Sai’s relationship. Virat and Sai gets into a heated conversation.

Where Sai questions on Virat’s character and says that he tried to sail on both the boat.

Will Virat leave Sai and reunite with Pakhi?

The upcoming episodes of Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein GHKKPM is going to be super interesting to watch.

Stay tuned for more updates.

11 Replies to “GHKKPM: Samrat questions Virat for betraying Pakhi: Virat-Sai face off”

  1. Virat being an army officer left his family bcoz of his betrayed love..not a good script n now ready to return home only to set Pakhi free.. dis decision can b taken by him then only..

    • Virat character is happy to get the attention that is coming from Pakshi. He still calls her paki not babhi or vayini like Mohio. He has not left her. Due to staying together he is liking his wife. Not a trace of happiness when he sees Sangat.stone face. Always confused yet he claims he is an police officer.

  2. Actually,as she is the only person who loves Virat so much. Sai doesn’t deserve him. Sai is so irritating . She continuously coming and going from virat’s life. Saying repeatedly that usse jaana hai ek din. Why doesn’t the leave virat . Let the relationship end

  3. Sai virat ko pasand karne lagi hai , bus accept nhi karti, aur virat pakhi ko sai ki se shadi k baad se hi apne bhai ki wife k taur pe dekhta hai,

    Fir bhi sab log kyo chahte hai ki wo pakhi se mil jaye
    I don’t think ki aisa hona chahiye…

  4. Virat must continue his life with Sai because Paki is history and he didn’t get marry Paki
    Life has to move on

  5. He should reunite with pakhi his real wife is also pakhi will be interesting to see both chemistry in show alsoo

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