GHKKPM: Sai to get transferred to another college, parts away from Virat

GHKKPM: Sai to get transferred to another college, parts away from Virat

Star Plus popular serial Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein GHKKPM is gearing up for some intense drama and interesting twists in the upcoming story.

Virat and Sai are trying hard to work there relationship out but nothings really working.

Virat has taken his transfer but Sai went to DIG and has cancelled the transfer.

Virat comes to know about the fact that Sai is behind the cancellation of his transfer.

Thus he lashes out at her foe interfereing in his matters. Sai gets extremely hurt and takes a shocking decision.

Sai’s shocking decision

Sai decides to take transfer from her college and move to another city to not trouble Virat and Chavans.

Sai seeks help from Pulkit. Pulkit talks to the college Dean who will be a new entry to the show.

The upcoming episodes of Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein GHKKPM is going to be super interesting to watch.

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9 Replies to “GHKKPM: Sai to get transferred to another college, parts away from Virat”

  1. That means you’ve not been following the serial well. Virat has tried his level best to show how much he cared and loves Sai, but she’s so stucked up with Pakhi and Virat relationship that she’s neglecting her own relationship. You can care about your in-laws, but at the end of the day you have to remember your number 1, your husband.. She’s helping everyone but refusing to acknowledge the person that brought her there.. Why all the love for the family if you don’t love the man. The maker should also understand too many aggravation is not good in a story line. It is better when the story is short and it make sense

  2. Yes sai should leave chavan house n live a life without virat. It should be earlier to get away from virat why they are delaying so virat should know the value of sai if he can’t express his love then why he was wating sai to know about his love disgusting this time please maker should really add sai should leave chavan house i was boring to watch that sai was never leaving chavan house as she was always decided to leave but not this time please

  3. Why don’t Sai stop with the ” compromise, deal, in name only” omg she is annoying to be preaching those words over and over and over!!! I kinda see Virat point in being angry with her now, she is not trying to understand anything at all, no matter who speak with her.
    Awful that Patrakekha is playing Samrat feelings, I hope he don’t get in her sick trap

  4. Altough its a littke bit too late. But its good that Sai leave Chavan and Virat. Go go girl explore a new world and find a truth fact about Virat’s love to U.

  5. Sai loves virat.but patrelekha she cannot tolerate.that is why she does not express her love.virat should not allow her to get her shifted from her college.virat should not leave her alone.patrelekha has to be not given any importance and she has no right to interfere in sai s matters.chauwan family should not lick patrelekha.she is very clewer lady.making fool of samrat that samrat goes against sai.she is shameless and character less not leaving virat.

    • Actually …ab to ye too much hain.. it’s not like k sai k koi mistakes nahi hain…
      Aur abhi to mano focus only on sai
      Pakhi accepted her relationship with usko jitna uchal uchal kar btaya tha utna interesting age dikhaya nahi
      ..pakhi samrat aur virat in tino ko to jaise robot ho mano
      Sai sai sai
      Pakhi ki language no rude
      Agar vo love krti hai. Virat se to apne dil me rakh par usme bolne ka kyu sudhar nahi Rai….speak nicely with everyone…
      Kabhi kabhi uske answer too much hote hain…
      Do din pehle usne sai ko khilaya ,achcha achcha bola
      Aur aisa dikhya serial me …..mujhe nahi pta tha k virat ne ek spokesperson bhi rkha hai …what nonsense…

  6. Sai that’s a good idea u take transfer than virat will come to when someone is close your heart go away how it feels u r not trying to understand her feelings for u why she stopped your transfer the reason is loves u alot how u love her she has fear of losing u that why she stopped your transfer we pray god that the dean should be good if will he will not be good if tries to molest her than virat u will regret than u feel that sai is in some problem how u will help her because in serial gossip I have read that sai dean will try to molest her.

    • Yaar now they should confess eachother live they are dragging hate IT ist Almost year ago think so they should be together

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