GHKKPM: Pakhi questions Virat; plans to part away Virat-Sai

GHKKPM: Pakhi questions Virat; plans to part away Virat-Sai

Star Plus popular serial Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein GHKKPM is gearing up for some intense drama and interesting twists in the upcoming story.

Pakhi enters Chavan Nivas without Bhavani’s consent and says she has the right to stay there.

While everyone welcomes her including Virat and Sai and Pakhi apologizss to Sai.

She says she is guilty of cursing her and now wants to make a new good bond with her forgetting the past bitterness.

Sai tells Virat that she is extremely confused of Pakhi’s behaviour and feels something must be cooking.

Pakhi comes and says Sai must be doubting her but this time she genuinely wants to work on her ans Sai’s relationship.

Pakhi rejoices

Later at the morning Pakhi come with a tray of coffee and tea to Sai’s room and tells Sai’s that she misses Samrat’s company and wants to spend some time with her.

Sai agrees and both have their drinks while Virat returns from the child’s room with blanket.

Pakhi gets surprised and asks if everything is fine between them as both are sleeping separately.

Virat says it’s just Sai was studying a case with lights on so he went to another room. Pakhi smirks.

She knows that things are not going fine between Virat and Sai thus decides to take advantage of it.

What more drama is waiting ahead?

Stay tuned for more updates on GHKKPM.

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