GHKKPM: Pakhi cancels Ladakh trip, Virat fumes in anger

Stat Plus’s serial Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein is up for new drama in the upcoming story when Pakhi cancels Ladakh trip just because of Sai.

So far we have seen that Patralekha (Pakhi) gets a notice to sign Samrat’s legal papers and for this she needs to go to Ladakh.

Bhavani orders Virat to go with Pakhi but here Ashwini also requests Virat to take Sai with them.

Pakhi is very much happy as she had already decided that she will express her feelings for Virat in this trip.

Virat booked air tickets for them but here the twist is that Pakhi is unaware that Sai is also coming with them.

Pakhi teared tickets on Sai’s face

Later, on the day of their trip, Pakhi learns this shocking truth that Sai is also going with them in this trip.

Pakhi gets furious and creates a scene in the house in front of everybody.

She scolds Sai on this. Then she torn air tickets on Sai’s face and cancels this trip. Pakhi also taunts Virat in all this.

Virat gets very angry over this and ask Pakhi why she is doing all this by creating a war with Sai.

Sai is also stunned seeing Pakhi’s behaviour towards her just because she was also a part of this trip.

Now it would be really interesting to see how Sai will react on Pakhi.

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