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GHKKPM: Kamal Joshi sacrifice his life to save ACP Virat Chavan

Star Plus’s serial Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein (GHKKPM) is ready for a new twist in the upcoming story when Inspector Kamal Joshi sacrifice his life to save Virat.

So far we have seen that Sai returns back to her house and meet her father Kamal Joshi.

Later on, ACP Virat gets the clue about Jagtap’s presence and create a plan to catch him.

ACP Virat also request Inspector Kamal Joshi to go home and take rest.

But here Kamal Joshi denies and asks for Guru Dakshina from Virat and allow him to participate in this mission.

Jagtap shot Inspector Joshi, Sai shocked

Virat agrees and takes Inspector Joshi in this mission to arrest Jagtap Mane from the hidden place.

ACP Virat, Kamal Joshi, and other Police man executes his plan to arrest Jagtap. Sai also gets this new and comes to that location.

Virat succeed to catch and arrest Jagtap, but somehow he shots targeting ACP Virat.

But unfortunately, Inspector Kamal Joshi comes in front of ACP Virat and sacrifice his life. Sai gets shocked seeing all this.

Now it would be really interesting to see what happens with Virat and Sai’s life.

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