GHKKPM: Chavans thankful to Sai; Savi-Vinayak on a mission

GHKKPM: Chavans thankful to Sai; Savi-Vinayak on a mission

Star Plus popular serial Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein GHKKPM is gearing up for some intense drama and interesting twists in the upcoming story.

Sai goes to Chavan Nivas but Virat stops her from entering and asks her to leave and not make their lives more miserable.

But Sai tells them that she didn’t do anything intentional it was an accident and asks them to let her meet Vinayak.

Virat refuses while Pakhi comes ad blames Sai but Sai comforts her and ask Pakhi to allow her to meet Vinayak.

Pakhi ges against Chavans and agrees to let Sai meet Vinayak and tries to get him out of the bathroom.

Sai succeeds

Meanwhile Sai goes and talks to Vinayak and makes him understand the situation.

While Vinayak tells that he is upset that Sai knew his truth but didn’t tel him which makes chavans realise that they were blaming Sai without any reason.

Meanwhile Vinayak comes out of the bathroom after Sai talks to him and makes him understand how much Virat and Pakhi loves him.

Ninad thanks Sai and Pakhi also apologizes to Sai. Later Vinayak and Savi goes on a mission to find their parents.

What more drama is waiting ahead?

Sty tuned for more updates on GHKKPM.

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