GHKKPM: Bhavani declares her decision; Pakhi fumes in anger

GHKKPM: Bhavani declares her decision; Pakhi fumes in anger

Star Plus popular serial Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein GHKKPM is gearing up for some intense drama and interesting twists in the upcoming story.

Sai is in dilemma as she want Virat to tell the truth before Bhavani that she will be becoming a successful doctor not housewife.

Virat assures Sai that he will definitely tell it to Bhavani but on the right time as he wants to give her the mental space to bear the shocking news.

Bhavani takes the newly wed couple to Kuldevi’s Mandir while Pakhi refuses to come as she can’t take the attention Sai is getting.

But later half-heartedly agrees to come.

Bhavani’s shocking revelation

Meanwhile Bhavani declares it infront of everyone after the puja that she has chosen Sai to take her place in future.

Sonali objects and asks why can’t she or Karishma take her place.

Bhavani says Sai has the potential and the capability to hold the family tight which none of the other daughter-in-laws have.

Sai wants to tell the truth as she doesn’t want Bhavani to expect more from Sai and trust her.

Pakhi fumes in anger while sonali and Omkar are also not happy with Bhavani’s decision.

What more drama is waiting ahead?

Stay tuned for more updates on GHKKPM.

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