GHKKPM: Ajay plans to kidnap Savi, Sai turns saviour

Star Plus popular serial Ghum Hai Kisikey ke pyaar Mein (GHKKPM) is gearing up for some intense drama and twist in the upcoming story.

So far we have seen that everybody is enjoying the Holi festival and Ajay Kamble also entered in the celebration.

Here Virat gets intoxicated and behave like he is Sai’s husband. Sai warns Virat but he is not in position to understand all this.

Virat fills Sai’s hairline with Holi colors. Pakhi noticed all this and gets angry.

Bhavani gets happy seeing Virat-Sai’s closeness. She wants Sai to get her back in Chavan Nivas.

Later Virat grabs Sai’s hand and forcefully does the grah pravesh in Chavan Nivas. This makes Pakhi very furious.

Here, Pakhi also decide to flop Bhavani’s plan for Sai.

Ajay kidnaps Savi

Ajay Kamble is here to take revenge from Sai and now he wants to kidnap Savi.

He is finding a correct time to execute his plan to kidnap her.

Later on, when Ajay kidnaps Savi, Vinu will try to save her were Ajay will kidnap both the kids.

Everybody starts search for Vinu and Savi. Sai also starts the search were she find this is done by Ajay.

Sai decides to get her children back at any cost.

It would be really interesting to see how Sai will save Vinu and Savi from Ajay’s hand.

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