Pooja Slaps Kabir

Ek Bhram Sarvagun Sampanna: Pooja slaps Kabir, Manager Chopra Evil Plan

In the upcoming track of Ek Bhram Sarvagun Sampanna (EBSS), viewers will see high voltage drama during fashion show.

So far we have seen that Pooja arranges a fashion show and she decides to become showstopper.

Fashion show starts and everybody was enjoying it where manager Chopra plans something to spoil this event.

On the other hand, Kabir is searching his brother Dhruv who goes missing.

Kabir get to know that Dhruv was seen near the fashion show to harm Pooja.

Chopra succeed to spoil fashion show, Pooja slaps Kabir

Kabir reaches there where he gets a call that something wrong is done with the photo frame on the stage.

Kabir rushes towards stage and push down photo frame but nothing happens and is all planned by Chopra.

Chopra’s plan was to ruin this fashion event and put all blame on Kabir.

Pooja gets furious seeing her parents photo frame broke in pieces and thus slaps Kabir.

She also blame Kabir that his intention is to spoil this fashion show as well as he is the person who helped Dhruv to escape from that kidnapping place.

Now it would be interesting to see how Kabir will solve this situation and proves himself innocent.

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