DD Retro Program List, Serial Schedule, Timings

As we know that last month Doordarshan Network launched a new channel DD Retro for their lovely audience to watch all the favorite TV serials of DD National. Viewers are very much happy with the program list (serial schedule) of the DD Retro channel.

DD Retro is the 4th entertainment channel that is added to the Doordarshan Network bouquet. (DD National, DD India, DD Urdu, and DD Retro)

This channel recently started re-telecast of epic series Mahabharat on their network and hope that this will create new records on TRP ratings chart.

But still many of the viewers of DD Retro are still searching for the entire programme list of this channel.

We have this list for you, check out below for the same and share it with your friends and relatives.

If you don’t know the channel number of DD Retro then do read our below post for the same:

DD Retro Program List and Timings of other days

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Serial NameTimingsDuration
Sai Baba Tere Hazaro Haath12:00 AM1 hour
Savitri Ek Kranti1:00 AM30 mins
Savitri Ek Kranti1:30 AM30 mins
Shrimaan Shrimati2:00 AM30 mins
Charitraheen2:30 AM30 mins
Baje Payal3:00 AM30 mins
Dil Hai Phir Bhi Hindustani3:30 AM30 mins
Mashaal3:00 AM30 mins
Sankat Mochan Hanuman4:30 AM30 mins
Savitri Ek Kranti5:00 AM30 mins
Savitri Ek Kranti5:30 AM30 mins
Sai Baba Tere Hazaro Haath6:00 AM1 hour
Sankat Mochan Hanuman7:00 AM30 mins
Baje Payal7:30 AM30 mins
Baje Payal8:00 AM30 mins
Shrimaan Shrimati8:30 AM30 mins
Sankat Mochan Hanuman9:00 AM30 mins
Dekh Bhai Dekh9:30 AM30 mins
Charitraheen10:00 AM30 mins
Dil Hai Phir Bhi Hindustani10:30 AM30 mins
Mashaal11:00 AM30 mins
Buniyaad11:30 AM30 mins
Savitri Ek Kranti12:00 PM30 mins
Savitri Ek Kranti12:30 PM30 mins
Shrimaan Shrimati1:00 PM30 mins
Dekh Bhai Dekh1:30 PM30 mins
Sankat Mochan Hanuman2:00 PM30 mins
Baaje Payal2:30 PM30 mins
Mashaal3:00 PM30 mins
Charitraheen3:30 PM30 mins
Savitri Ek Kranti4:00 PM30 mins
Savitri Ek Kranti4:30 PM30 mins
Mashaal5:00 PM30 mins
Buniyaad5:30 PM30 mins
Sai Baba Tere Hazaro Haath6:00 PM1 hour
Sai Baba Tere Hazaro Haath7:00 PM1 hour
Vishnu Puran8:00 PM1 hour
Buniyaad9:00 PM30 mins
Charitraheen9:30 PM30 mins
Dil Hai Phir Bhi Hindustani10:00 PM30 mins
Mashaal10:00 PM30 mins
Buniyaad11:00 PM30 mins
Dekh Bhai Dekh11:30 PM30 mins
**Last updated on: 3rd July 2020

DD Retro Program List and Timings For Saturday and Sunday

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Serial NameTimingsDuration
Baje Payal12:00 AM30 mins
Baje Payal12:30 AM30 mins
Baje Payal1:00 AM30 mins
Baje Payal1:30 AM30 mins
Dekh Bhai Dekh2:00 AM30 mins
Dekh Bhai Dekh2:30 AM30 mins
Dekh Bhai Dekh3:00 AM30 mins
Dekh Bhai Dekh3:30 AM30 mins
Dekh Bhai Dekh4:00 AM30 mins
Shrimaan Shrimati4:30 AM1.5 hours
Doosra Kewal6:00 AM30 mins
Doosra Kewal6:30 AM30 mins
Doosra Kewal7:00 AM30 mins
Doosra Kewal7:30 AM30 mins
Doosra Kewal8:00 AM30 mins
Buniyaad8:30 AM2 hours
Chanakya10:30 AM4 hours
Doosra Kewal2:30 PM30 mins
Circus3:00 PM30 mins
Circus3:30 PM30 mins
Circus4:00 PM30 mins
Circus4:30 PM30 mins
Circus5:00 PM30 mins
Circus5:30 PM30 mins
Sai Baba Tere Hazaro Haath6:00 PM3.5 hour
Doosra Kewal9:30 PM30 mins
Doosra Kewal10:00 PM30 mins
Doosra Kewal10:30 PM30 mins
Doosra Kewal11:00 PM30 mins
Doosra Kewal11:30 PM30 mins
**Last updated on: 11th June 2020

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