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Star Maa’s dancing based reality show Dancee Plus Telugu (aka. Dance+) started its journey on 27th December 2020 with the top 12 contestants /groups.

Dancee Plus show is mentored and judged by our 6 judges i.e. Monal Gajjar, Baba Bhaskar Master, Raghu Master, Yashwanth Master, Mumaith Khan, and Anee Master. While it is hosted by Omkar.

On 8th-9th May 2021, we will see our remaining contestants will be performing on the favourite Biopics.

On 1st-2nd May 2021, we saw our contestants performed in a new challenge followed by the elimination.

On 24th-25th April 2021, we saw contestants performed on the Fast Beat Round.

Dancee Plus Best Performer of the Day

On 2nd May 2021, the God of Dance trophy was awarded to Team Velocity.

On 1st May 2021, Sanket Sahadev was selected as the Best Performer of the Day.

On 24th April 2021, Darjeeling Devils was selected as the Best Performer of the Day.

Past: Teju-Mahi (18 Apr), Sanket (17 Apr), Vasi Tony (11th Apr), Priya (10th Apr), Vasi Tony (4th Apr), Sanket (3rd Apr), Darjeeling Devils (27th Mar), Vasi Tony (21st Mar), Jiya Thakur (7th Mar), MMK Group (6th Mar)….

Dancee Plus Telugu Elimination News

On 2nd May 2021, Tejaswini-Maheswari and Niveditha were in the elimination. From them, Tejaswini-Maheswari got eliminated.

On 1st May 2021, Nivedita was nominated for this week’s elimination

On 18th April 2021, MMK and Team Velocity were the bottom 2 groups. From them, MMK Group got eliminated from Dancee Plus.

On 17th April 2021, MMK Group was nominated for this week’s elimination

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Sr. NoContestant NameTeamStatus
1Sanket SahdevTeam YashwanthCompeting
2Anchy Mumbai CrewTeam BhaskarEliminated
(7th March 2021)
3Lungi MamaTeam MonalEliminated
(24th January 2021)
4Jiya ThakurTeam AneeCompeting
58 CountzTeam MumaithEliminated
(7th February 2021)
6Tejeswini and MaheshwariTeam RaghuEliminated
(2nd May 2021)
7NivedithaTeam BhaskarCompeting
8Ram-LaxmanTeam MumaithEliminated
(21st March 2021)
9Vasitony CrewTeam YashwanthCompeting
10Team VelocityTeam MonalCompeting
(4th April 2021)
11MMK GroupTeam MonalEliminated
(18th April 2021)
12Darjeeling DevilsTeam RaghuCompeting
13Priya BarmanTeam MumaithCompeting

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  1. I am big fan of sanket….
    And jiya as well as MMK…..plz don’t eliminate them…..I know you won’t bcuz they are rocking

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