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Colors TV started kids dance reality show Dance Deewane Juniors 2022 with good contestants who appeared during the audition rounds.

The makers of Dance Deewane announced the auditions for this show in major cities of India.

During these auditions, many kids shown their interest to participate in Dance Deewane Juniors by showcasing their dancing talent in solo, duo, trio or groups of 4-14 years.

At the end, many contestants got selected by our judges to move forward in the competition.

Dance Deewane Junior 2022 will be judged by Neetu Singh, Marzi Pestonji, and Nora Fatehi. While it will be hosted by Karan Kundra.

With this, the top 15 selected contestants will be mentored by 3 super choreographers Pratik Utekar, Sonali Kar and Tushar Shetty.

Talking about the start date and timing, Dance Deewane Juniors will start from 23rd April 2022 replacing Hunarbaaz show.

Check out below for all the contestants who appeared in the audition rounds and got selected in the show.

Dance Deewane Juniors 2022 Contestants List

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Sr no.Contestant NameAgeCategoryTeamStatus
1Anshika Dhara12 yearsSoloGang TusharEliminated
(3 July 2022)
2Aditya Patil8 yearsSoloGang PratikWinner 🏆
3Riddhi Thakkar6 yearsSoloGang TusharEliminated
(9 July 2022)
4MD Raish10 yearsSoloGang SonaliEliminated
(3 July 2022)
5All Stars7-13 yearsGroupGang TusharFinalist
6Prateek Kumar Naik13 yearsSoloGang PratikFinalist
7Geet Kaur Bagga6 yearsSoloGang Sonali1st Runner-up
8Yash and Aradhya11-12 yearsDuoGang TusharEliminated
(5 June 2022)
9Priyanshi Kanarji10 yearsSoloGang SonaliEliminated
(19 June 2022)
10Falak Saifi8 yearsSoloGang TusharEliminated
(19 June 2022)
11C Company9-13 yearsGroupGang PratikEliminated
(19 June 2022)
12Runjuna Das10 yearsSoloGang SonaliEliminated
(5 June 2022)
13Arnav Talukdar10 yearsSoloGang PratikEliminated
(5 June 2022)
14Opps Crew8-14 yearsGroupGang PratikEliminated
(19 June 2022)
15Classical Queens9-14 yearsGroupGang SonaliEliminated
(19 June 2022)

**we will keep updating the contestants list

In Top 15 – A contestant was selected in the the mega audition round.

In Top 6 – A contestant reserved his place in Top 6.

Dance Deewane Juniors 2022 Telecast Timing

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Show NameDance Deewane Juniors
ChannelColors TV & Voot
Produced ByDreams Vault Media
Start Date23rd April 2022
Old Telecast TimeSat-Sun at 9:00 PM
New TimingSat-Sun at 10:30 PM
Repeat TelecastSat-Sun at 11:00 PM

Dance Deewane Juniors 2022 Promos

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Promo 2

Promo 3

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  1. I like Neetu. I’ve watched her movies and I think she’s a good actress. I was happy that she got married to Rishi Kapoor. He was marvelous as an actor. However, does she have to keep talking about “my father-in-law, Raj Kapoor” as though he was the King of India? I’ve heard her talk about her father-in-law so many times as though being a Kapoor is what defines her! She did well on her own merit and even now I think of her as Neetu Singh. Let your own body of work identify and define you as the Neetu Singh we loved and adored instead of talking about your father-in-law to a bunch of children who don’t even know who on earth Raj Kapoor was.

  2. What a boring panel of judges. None of them are professional and experience enough to do the dance show. What does Nora Fatehi know about Indian classical dancing. BTW have India run out of good
    Indian choreographers? There thousands of talents in India dying to show their skills and ability. I’m not watching this show as I find it boring and Nora Fatehi ‘pra! Pra! Pra! is so annoying.

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