Cook With Comali Season 2 Winner, Runner-up

Vijay TV’s comedy based cooking show Cook With Comali season 2 is on the way to it’s finale with top 5 finalists.

From all the contestants of Cooku With Comali 2, in the Semi-finals we got our top 3 finalists of this season.

Later in wild card week, we got 2 more contestants i.e. Shakeela and Pavithra who reserved their place in the top 5 finalists of Cooku With Comali’s grand finale.

These 5 finalists will compete in the Finale episode on the tough task/challenge given by our judges.

But just before the grand finale, we will see the celebration week special with friends & family and our top 5 finalists.

Talking about the finale date of Cook With Comali 2, the Grand Finale will telecast on Wednesday, 14th April 2021 from 2:00 PM onwards.

Cook With Comali 2 Finalists

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Sr no.Contestant NameProfessionStatus
1Ashwin KumarActor2nd Runner-up
2Baba BaskarChoreographerEliminated
3Kani ThiruDirectorWinner
4ShakeelaFilm Actress1st Runner-up
5Pavithra LakshmiActress / ModelEliminated

Cook With Comali 2 Winner Poll

Cook With Comali 2 Winner Prediction

Looking on the entire journey of this season, as per our prediction, Kani will be the winner of Cook With Comali season 2. Whereas the Runner-up might be Shakeela.

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14 Replies to “Cook With Comali Season 2 Winner, Runner-up”

  1. I dunno but kani and ashwin kind of have the same talents, baba bhaskar only knows how to do like traditional food, this was hinted like the episode where he copied ashwin’s lasagna and could not do it himself. Shakeela was really good at nonveg but not veg, and pavithra, as she entered again in the recent wild card round, does not have that much talent compared to the other cooks(this is purley my opinion). Kani or ashwin are most likely to win, but I think kani has an advantage against ashwin because ashwin was supposed to be eliminated because he mislabeled a dish or something, but venkatesh bhat spared him

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