Cook With Comali Season 4 Elimination, Immunity Winner

Vijay TV’s cooking reality show Cook With Comali Season 4 (CWC 2023) got great start with 10 new cooks and 10 comalis.

Cooku With Comali season 4 started on 28th January 2023 with judges Chef Damu and Chef Venkatesh with host Rakshan.

Now every week, all these contestants will compete in each and every cooking cum entertaining task to win immunity and advantage.

On 30th July 2023, we saw grand finale with top 6 finalists. At the end, one became the winner of Cook With Comali Season 4.

On 22nd-23rd July 2023, we saw our contestants enjoyedy in The Celebration Day with special guest actor Arun Vijay.

Cook With Comali 4 Immunity/Advantage

On 25th June 2023, Vichitra and Monisha were the Chef of the Week.

On 17th June 2023, Mime Gopi and Darshit won the Advantage Task of This Week.

On 4th June 2023, Sivaangi-Kuraishi of the Immunity of This Week.

Cook With Comali 4 Updates

On 16th July 2023, Andreanne won wildcard round and joined the top 5 finalists.

On 25th June 2023, the last Ticket to Finale challenge was between Vichitra and Mime Gopi. From them, Vichitra won it and became the first finalist of Cook With Comali Season 4.

On 28th May 2023, Kiran and Monisha because winners of Friends and Family Week Challenge.

Cook With Comali 4 Elimination News

On 30th July 2023, Mime Gopi became the winner of Cook With Comali Season 4.

On 11th June 2023, Andy got eliminated and we got top 5 finalists of Cook With Comali Season 4.

On 21st May 2023, Gajesh and Kiran were the bottom two in the elimination challenge. In the end, Gajesh got eliminated from Cook With Comali Season 4.

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Sr No.Contestant NameProfessionStatus
1VichitraActress2nd Runner-up
2Sivaangi KrishnakumarActressFinalist
3Andreanne NouyrigatFrench ActressFinalist
(11 June 2023)
4Kishore RajkumarFilm DirectorEliminated
(12 February 2023)
5VJ VishalActorEliminated
(9 April 2023)
6Srushti DangeActress1st Runner-up
7Sherin ShringarActressEliminated
(23 April 2023)
8Raj AyyappaActorEliminated
(26 March 2023)
(12 March 2023)
10Mime GopiActorWinner 🏆
11D. R. K. KiranActorFinalist
(21 May 2023)

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2 Replies to “Cook With Comali Season 4 Elimination, Immunity Winner”

  1. Cook with Comali, it’s stress free relaxation! Thanks to all for fun loved show, however, season 4 brings out the reality of the show, where by loose talks, extreme, ridiculous challenges for the participants. Why do you treat guest well, for merely promoting thier upcoming movies, talking an advantages of the hit show, on the contrary, the cook and comali goes through extreme risks! Judges you are not there to have fun, entertain celebrities, you should not judge blindly, do contribute for the quality of the show too. All of best, keep it going.

  2. It’s a nice comedy cooking show, but why Mr Venkatesh Bhatt acts like a tyrant. He hits Comalis’ very badly… throws heavy stuff as well slaps them. Please stop your tyranny Mr Bhatt.

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