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Cook With Comali Season 2 Elimination Today

Vijay TV is back with season 2 of Cook With Comali (aka. Cooku With Comali 2) with the top 8 contestants and 10 amateur Comalis. These 8 contestants are weekly paired with the Comalis of this season.

Cook With Comali 2 started premier from 14th November 2020 with 2 judges Chef Damodharan and Chef Venkatesh Bhat. This second season of Cooku With Comali is hosted by VJ Rakshan.

Now it would be very interesting to see who will win Cooku With Comali season 2.

On 16th-17th January 2021, we will see an amazing cooking week and at the end 1 cook will get eliminated from Cooku With Comali season 2.

On 9th-10th January 2021, we saw a celebration week with Sivakarthikeyan Anna in Cook With Comali 2 as a chief guest.

On 3rd January 2021, we saw an elimination cooking tasks with Riding Cycle, Blowing Balloons, etc.

On 2nd January 2021, we saw 2 tasks i.e. Making Chips and Eating Noodles by Comalis and Dosas by Cook.

Cook With Comali 2 Advantage Winner

On Saturday 16 Jan 2021, Baba Bhaskar and Bala won the Advantage Task of this weekend.

Cook With Comali 2 Elimination

On 10th January 2021, there was no elimination for this weekend. So, all the cooks are safe.

On 3rd January 2021, Dharsha and Pavithra were the bottom 2 cooks. From them, Dharsha Gupta got eliminated from the Cooku With Comali 2.

On 2nd January 2021, we saw Kani was Immune and Shakeela was on leave, so only 4 Cooks and Comalis participated in this challenge. i.e. Dharsha-Pugazh, Ashwin-Mani, Pavithra-Bala, and Master-Sunita. Dharsha-Pugazh won the advantage task.

On 26th December 2020, Deepa Shankar got evicted from the Cooku With Comali 2 journey.

On 12th December 2020, we saw contestant Madurai Muthu got eliminated from Cook With Comali.

Cook With Comali 2 Contestants

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Sr no.Contestant NameProfessionStatus
1Dharsha GuptaModelEliminated
(3rd Jan 2021)
2Ashwin KumarActorCompeting
3Deepa ShankarN/AEliminated
(26th Dec 2020)
4Baba Baskar
5Pavithra LakshmiActor / ModelCompeting
6Madurai MuthuComedianEliminated
(12th Dec 2020)
8Kani ThiruDirectorCompeting

Cook With Comali 2 Comalis

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Sr no.Comali Name
2Mani Megalai
3Parvathy Saran
6Sakthi Raj
7Sarath Raj
8Sivaangi K.
9Sunita Gogoi

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