CBS Big Brother 2021 Eviction Tonight – Spoilers

CBS recently premiered Big Brother 2021 (season 23 or BB23) with 16 enthusiastic houseguests (contestants).

As we know that these 16 houseguests are divided into 4 teams i.e. Kings, Queens, Aces, and Jokers.

These team members will compete with each other to stay safe from the nominations-evictions and become the ultimate winner of Big Brother 2021 USA.

On September 29, 2021, we saw remaining parts of Final HOH competition. It wasfollowed by the last eviction, AFP winner announcement, and at last the winner declaration of Big Brother Season 23.

On September 26, 2021, we saw the competition to become the Final HOH of Big Brother 23.

On September 23, 2021, we saw another eviction from Big Brother’s house.

Big Brother 2021 Nominations

For week 12, first nominated contestant was Derek F and the second nominated contestant was Azah.

Big Brother 2021 Eviction News

On September 29, 2021, from Derek F and Azah; Final HOH winner Xavier evicted Azah.

On September 23, 2021, from Kyland and Azah; Derek F voted for Kyland to get evicted. Kyland got eliminated from the house and joined the jury members.

On September 16, 2021, from Hannah and Tiffany; Tiffany got 3 out of 3 votes and got evicted from Big Brother’s house. Later on, we saw another eviction from the nominated contestants Derek F. and Hannah. From them, Hannah got 2 out of 2 votes and got evicted from the competition.

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Sr no.NameAgeProfessionFromTeamStatus
1Brandon “Frenchie” French34FarmerClarksville, TNJokersEvicted
(July 22, 2021)
2Azah Awasum30Sales operations directorBaltimore, MDJokersEvicted
(September 29, 2021)
3Derek Frazier29Safety officerPhiladelphia, PAJokersRunner-up
4Britini D’Angelo24TeacherNiagara Falls, NYJokersJury
(August 19, 2021)
5Whitney Williams30Make-up artistPortland, ORAcesEvicted
(August 5, 2021)
6Hannah Chaddha21StudentChicago, ILAcesJury
(September 16, 2021)
7Derek Xiao24Startup founderNew York City, NYAcesJury
(August 26, 2021)
8Brent Champagne28Flight AttendantCranston, RIAcesEvicted
(July 22, 2021)
9Christian Birkenberger23General contractor assistantHarwinton, CTKingsEvicted
(August 12, 2021)
10Sarah Beth27Forensic scientistFort Myers, FLKingsJury
(September 2, 2021)
11Xavier Prather27AttorneyMilwaukee, WIKingsWinner
12Alyssa Lopez24Swimwear designerSarasota, FLKingsJury
(September 9, 2021)
13Claire Rehfuss25AI engineerNew York City, NYQueensJury
(September 9, 2021)
14Travis Long22Sales consultantHonolulu, HIQueensEvicted
(July 15, 2021)
15Tiffany Mitchell40PhlebotomistDetroit, MIQueensAFP Winner
(September 16, 2021)
16Kyland Young29Account executiveVenice Beach, CAQueensJury
(September 23, 2021)

Big Brother 2021 News

On September 29, 2021, Xavier became the winner of Big Brother 23. Derek F. was declared as the runner-up. Apart from this, Tiffany was announced as the winner of America’s Favorite HouseGuest (AFP)

On September 26, 2021, Xavier won part 1 and Azah won part 2. At the finale, we will see a face-off between these two win Final HOH.

On September 22, 2021, Xavier won the POV and didn’t made any changes in the nominations.

Big Brother 2021 Spoilers

For September 26, 2021, Derek F lost both the games of Final HOH.

For September 22, 2021, Xavier will become veto winner.

For September 16, 2021, Xavier will nominate Azah and Kyland.

For September 15, 2021, POV winner Kyland made no changes to the nominations.

Big Brother 2021 High Roller’s Room

For August 29, 2021, Claire won the Coin Destiny game and became the new HOH replacing Tiffany.

On August 19, 2021, we saw Alyssa and Hannah played another High Roller. At the end, Alyssa won and saved Derek F. from the nominations.

On August 15, 2021, we saw first game played by the houseguests with BB Bucks.

Big Brother 2021 Wildcard Competitions

On August 1, 2021, at the end of the competition, Claire became the winner and she used the advantage to save herself for 2 weeks. She was given a choice to either save entire team for 1 week or to save herself for 2 weeks. He choose later one.

On July 25, 2021, Tiffany won this week’s wildcard competition and she refused to use the advantage.

On July 18, 2021, we saw second wildcard competition between Frenchie, Sarah Beth, and Brent. From them, Sarah became the winner. She got immune from the elimination and got a power to switch teams but she refused.

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  1. Why is okay for all the blacks can unite and are eliminating all the white folks,,,when if it was a all white team uniting and eliminating blacks folks than that’s called racism?

    • Because all white alliances have already happened. It went without saying. Not to mention their racists comments being caught on BB after dark. In multiple seasons. So yeah this is okay. Just more straight forward and nothing against anyone but something for themselves.

    • Have you not been watching Big Brother all these years. No Black person has won and mostly everyone each season has been white. And have you heard some of the racist comments in past seasons. What has happened this season is wonderful. I’m really happy that the Cookout has pulled it off. Great for them.

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