Canada’s Got Talent 2022 Winner, Runner-up Name, Prize Money – CGT Season 1

Citytv’s most favorite reality show Canada’s Got Talent 2022 (CGT Season 1) reached it’s finale with top 8 finalists.

During this entire season of CGT, we saw many talented acts and performances. Many of these acts/contestants were given the Golden Buzzers by our judges.

And now finally, from these top 8 contestants, Canada had voted and chosen the winner of Canada Got Talent 2022.

Now at the LIVE finale, our top 8 finalists performed for the last time on the stage in front of our judges as well as the special guest Simon Cowell.

At the end, based on Canada’s votes, we got the winner of Canada’s Got Talent 2022.

The winner of CGT received the title along with the winning prize money $150,000, $100,000 AIR MILES as well as the opportunity to perform in America’s Got Talent LIVE shows.

Canada’s Got Talent 2022 Finalists

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Sr No.Contestant NameActHometownStatusPrize Money
1Courtney GilmourComedianToronto, ONEliminatedN/A
2Savio JosephMagicianBrampton, ONEliminatedN/A
3GRVMNT 🌟Dance GroupVancouver, BCEliminatedN/A
4Stacey Kay 🌟SingerCambridge, ONEliminatedN/A
5The Renegades 🌟Dance GroupToronto, ON3rd PlaceN/A
6Kellie LoderSingerSt. John’s, NFLDRunner-upN/A
7Jeanick Fournier 🌟SingerChicoutimi, QCWinner 🏆$150,000
8Shadow EntertainmentDance GroupMississauga, ONEliminatedN/A

Canada’s Got Talent Winner/Runner-up Details

The winner of Canada’s Got Talent 2022 is Jeanick Fournier. She git the Prize Money and a chance to perform in AGT Live shows.

Winner Name: Jeanick Fournier 🏆

Runner-up Name: Kellie Loder

3rd Place: The Renegades

Canada’s Got Talent Winner Prediction

Looking at the entire journey, as per our prediction the winner of CGT 2022 might be Jeanick Fournier or Stacey Kay. Let’s wait for the official results to see who wins and becomes the CGT champion.

Canada’s Got Talent Finale was LIVE from The Avalon Theatre, Niagara Falls.

Stay connected with us for all the latest updates and news about Canada Got Talent Season 1.

25 Replies to “Canada’s Got Talent 2022 Winner, Runner-up Name, Prize Money – CGT Season 1”

  1. Big disapointment! The winner should have been Savio Joseph and he was not even one the third nominated?
    A person is BORN with a signing voice. If you are not blessed with a decent signing voice, forget it…there is no amount of practice and time spent trying will help you. It’s not going to happen.

    That is why I believe that singers should be judged only against other singers.

    To achieve the exceptional talent that Savio demonstrated as a magician takes years and countless number of hours to achieve.

    So Canada you certainly did not put enough thought in the voting process. HUGE MISTAKE!

    • I agree, Savio Joseph should have won hands down. The voting system was completely flawed – I could not get my vote in and it sounds like many people also had troubles. I would say that the results did not truly reflect the wishes of Canadians. Jeanick is certainly worthy of all the accolades and she is a beautiful person, singer and entertainer; however Savio still should have been number one.

    • I agree with you Luc. I put my 3 votes for Savio Joseph his final performance was amazing. I was shocked not in top 3. Kellie Loder, Singer from St. John’s, NFLD the Runner-up. I voted & even cried in their (Kellie’s pronoun) other performances but the final I didn’t think they sang very well. Even my partner thought the same. The winner was better. But SAVIO WOW ME!

  2. I didn’t get to vote or see the show because of Bell Canada; their stupid, unreliable Fibre Tv and internet shut down for hours, so I missed everything.

  3. I PVR’d it. Showed about 2 min after the last commercial break just before they were to announce the winner and recording stopped. We have Rogers Ignite, so looked up the show that way and as the last commercial break was finished, that was it!! Didn’t even show the last 5 min 🙁
    I had to google to see who the winner was. Not impressed.

    • YES! It was such a Disappointment when the show cut OFF just when they were going to announce the Winner of Canada’s Got Talent 2022! I was quite certain that Jeannik Fournier was going to be The Winner…BUT had to find the last 5 minutes on You Tube!
      Honestly Citi-tv YOU’RE Awful!!

  4. Well i was on the east coast and many people here didnt get to vote… It took me almost to the last half hour of the show before my family and i could vote. Many didnt get to vote here … The page crashed and couldnt get to vote … Not right. This is the worst show i can say i watched . As far as i am concerned its all rigged … Kellie Loader was the real winner she got dubbed . This is my opinion might not be yours but to me time for things to be done right. Why lead these young ones on and then be crushed because of tv ratings . Sad Sad Sad

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