Britain’s Got Talent 2023 Contestants Names – BGT Season 16 Cast

ITV’s favourite reality show Britain’s Got Talent 2023 (BGT Season 16) is back with new contestants for this new season.

BGT 2023 acts will be related to singing, group/solo dancing, magician, acrobatics, comedy, and many more.

All the contestants will have to give their best performance to win at least 3 yeses to move forward in the next round.

While the acts who receives Golden Buzzer 🌟 in the audition rounds from our judges gets a direct entry in the Semi-finals of BGT.

There are a total of 5 golden buzzers (4 by judges and 1 by hosts) which will be distributed between all the acts.

Britain’s Got Talent 2023 is starting from 15 April 2023 with 4 judges Simon Cowell, Amanda Holden, Alesha Dixon, and Bruno Tonioli (new judge). It will be presented by Ant and Dec

Check out below for all the selected contestants, tonight’s timing, and Golden Buzzer acts of Britain Got Talent 2023 (7th Audition, 20 May 2023)

Britain’s Got Talent 2023 Timings

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Show NameBritain’s Got Talent 2023
Start Date15 April 2023
Telecast TimeSaturday at 8:00 PM

Britain’s Got Talent 2023 Contestants

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Sr No.Contestant NameActAuditionStatus
1Darth VaderPiano PlayingEpisode 1Eliminated
2The Big SingSinging ChoirEpisode 1In Knockouts
3Mikko RautiainenMusic ActEpisode 1Eliminated
4Parkour CollectiveParkour ActEpisode 1In Knockouts
5Cillian O’ConnorMagicianEpisode 1In Knockouts
6Ichikawa KoikuchiComedy ActEpisode 1In Knockouts
7Jane McKennanComedy ActEpisode 1Eliminated
8Ghetto Kids 🌟Dance GroupEpisode 1Golden Buzzer
9Amy LouSingerEpisode 1In Knockouts
10Andrei BurtonStunt PerformerEpisode 2In Knockouts
11Cash WallworkUkulelistEpisode 2In Knockouts
12Joe & Echo The DuckVarietyEpisode 2Eliminated
13Malakai Bayoh 🌟SingerEpisode 2Golden Buzzer
14Nathan & JoanneDance DuoEpisode 2In Knockouts
15The PixiebellesDance GroupEpisode 2In Knockouts
16Thomas VuRubix Cube SolverEpisode 2In Knockouts
17Toy Toy ToyYo Yo ActEpisode 2In Knockouts
18Viggo VennComedy ActEpisode 2In Knockouts
19TonikakuComedianEpisode 3In Knockouts
20Tia ConnollySingerEpisode 3In Knockouts
21The Forbidden Circus of MenMagic TrickEpisode 3In Knockouts
22Moaning LisaSingerEpisode 3Eliminated
23GiorgioPizza SpinningEpisode 3In Knockouts
24Enzo WeyneIllusionistEpisode 3In Knockouts
25Chicken Shed 🌟Singing-DancingEpisode 3Golden Buzzer
26Accordion RyanSingerEpisode 3Eliminated
27Abi Carter-SimpsonSingerEpisode 3In Knockouts
28Romeo & IcyDancing DuoEpisode 4In Knockouts
29John’s BoysSinging ChoirEpisode 4In Knockouts
30Olga & BonnieAnimal ActEpisode 4In Knockouts
31Ruby SinclairDancingEpisode 4In Knockouts
32NoodleVocalistEpisode 4In Knockouts
33Andrew StantonDanger ActEpisode 4In Knockouts
34Olivia Lynes 🌟SingingEpisode 4Golden Buzzer
35MB14 🌟BeatboxingEpisode 5Golden Buzzer
36Banji’s ClassSingingEpisode 5In Knockouts
37Bennett KvanaghMusicianEpisode 5Eliminated
38BoycantoSingingEpisode 5In Knockouts
39Sheffield Community ChoirSingingEpisode 5In Knockouts
40Mr. BlobbyComedyEpisode 5In Knockouts
41Simon HeartSingingEpisode 5In Knockouts
42United To DanceDance GroupEpisode 5In Knockouts
43Markus BirdmanComedyEpisode 5In Knockouts
44Travis GeorgeSingingEpisode 5In Knockouts
45Yo HighnessDance GroupEpisode 6In Knockouts
46The QueensDance GroupEpisode 6In Knockouts
47Playboy OrchestraMusiciansEpisode 6Eliminated
48Miki DarkIllusionistEpisode 6In Knockouts
49Gamal John 🌟SingingEpisode 6Golden Buzzer
50Flying SalsaDance DuoEpisode 6In Knockouts
51Felix ClementsDancingEpisode 6In Knockouts
52Dylan BSingingEpisode 6In Knockouts
53BeatriceDancingEpisode 6In Knockouts
54Avalon PenroseSingingEpisode 6In Knockouts
55The Royal British Legion BandInstrumentalEpisode 7In Knockouts
56Harry ChurchillGuitaristEpisode 7In Knockouts
57Lilliana CliftonDancingEpisode 7In Knockouts
58Freddy GripScience ExperimentsEpisode 7In Knockouts
59Cammy BarnesSingingEpisode 7In Knockouts
60Tom CrosbieRubik’s CubeEpisode 7In Knockouts
61Antony TorralvoBody BalancingEpisode 7In Knockouts
62C LightsDance DuoEpisode 7In Knockouts
63Lewis FullerMagicianEpisode 7In Knockouts
64Unity 🌟Dance GroupEpisode 7Golden Buzzer

**we will keep on updating the cast list

Golden Buzzer 🌟 – A contestant/act got the Golden Buzzer during audition round.

In Knockouts – A contestant was advanced to the Semi-final rounds of Top 40.

Eliminated (Judges Cut) – A contestant/act received Yes during audition but was not selected to the Semi-finals.

Eliminated – A contestant/act was eliminated from the audition round.

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